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FORTNITE players have gone wild over a new game-changing mode that could be coming with Chapter 5, according to reliable leakers.

Leaks by Twitter users Shiina and HYPEX, who have a track record of accurately predicting upcoming features in the game, point to Fortnite getting a brand-new multiplayer mode.

If the leaks are correct, Fortnite’s next chapter, rumoured to be starting in November 2023, will bring Racing mode into the cartoony battle royale game.

Fortnite players will be able to race against each other in a Mario Kart-style multiplayer mode with unlockable cars.

The game’s cartoony art style and lighthearted tone seem a perfect fit for a racing mode similar to Nintendo’s hugely successful go-kart game.

Cars and other vehicles have been a staple in Fortnite since 2020, so it's only natural for the game to add a racing mode.

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Racing in Fortnite will have its own progression system and racing courses, as well as a ‘Garage’ menu where players can keep their cars.

The upcoming mode will feature both casual and ranked races and its own Battle Pass that players would purchase and level up to get rewards.

The leaks contain a list of the upcoming mode’s 12 casual maps and four ranked maps. 

Fortnite’s racing mode will also include time trials, where players must complete a race as quickly as possible.

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Tutorial races will be easing players into the new mode’s mechanics.

The world’s most popular Battle Royale game is currently in its Chapter 4 Season 3, with the next fourth season coming on August 23, 2023.

Seasons usually last between two and three months, and Season 4 will be the last one in Chapter 4, so it’s still at least a few months to go until Chapter 5 arrives.

Remember that these are just leaks for now, and we will only find out if Fortnite is getting a racing mode when Epic Games reveals what’s coming up in the next chapter.

Written by Stoyan Ovcharov on behalf of GLHF.

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