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Who do you want in charge of the economy? There will be a COVID vaccine soon – the question is whether it will be out yet this year or later in 2021. Either way, the global pandemic will be largely a non-issue a year from now.

With that in mind, the real question is who has the better plan and the better record to get America working again? Donald Trump wins in a landslide when applying that criteria to this election.  

The Great American Comeback is real under President Donald Trump. The American economy grew at the fastest pace ever recorded in the third quarter, according to the U.S. Commerce Department. And, as usual, it was higher than economists had predicted, which sets an even more positive trend for the future. President Trump knows how to get people back to work.   


Before coronavirus hit, America had recorded the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years.  Unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, people with disabilities, and veterans were all the lowest ever recorded by category. And women’s share of payroll employment surpassed that of men. 

Under President Trump, real household median income hit the highest level ever recorded at $65,000. And the president’s policies have increased real disposable income per household by almost $6,000.  

The Trump administration eliminated costly and unnecessary regulations on small businesses and other employers. These efforts are projected to increase household income by $3,100 per year. Additionally, the promotion of energy exploration and production in resources like shale energy are expected to save American families an average of $2,500 in gasoline costs. That’s real money.  

Prior to the global pandemic, nearly half a million manufacturing jobs were created under President Trump. Wages for blue-collar workers were growing faster than those of white-collar workers.  

In contrast, under President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, our country had one of the weakest economic recoveries since the Great Depression. Nearly 200,000 manufacturing jobs were lost during their eight years in office. And an analysis published by the Hoover Institution at Stanford University finds that there will be 4.9 million fewer jobs under Joe Biden’s plan than under Donald Trump’s plan.  

Donald Trump signed one of the largest tax cuts in American history. The vast majority of hard-working people in our country benefited from the Trump tax cuts. Lowering the marginal tax rates, doubling the standard deduction, and doubling the size of the child tax credit helps everyday citizens.  

Donald Trump may not always talk and tweet the way we do in America’s Heartland, but he gets the job done.

Since the passage of the Trump tax cuts, millions of workers have received pay raises, bonuses or increased retirement contributions. Plus, the tax reform created Opportunity Zones to help low-income and distressed areas.   

In contrast, Joe Biden wants to repeal the Trump tax cuts. He said so over and over this year.  You cannot repeal the tax cuts and then only tax people making more than $400,000.  Repealing the tax cuts means most workers in America are going to see a tax increase under Biden’s plan. Raising taxes is not the answer as we move forward with the recovery.  

Joe Biden is proposing to raise taxes by nearly $4 trillion. That would be the largest in U.S. history and four times as large as the increase proposed in 2016 by candidate Hillary Clinton. His higher taxes on employers would make it difficult for American businesses to compete with foreign companies. That would likely increase the move to send American jobs to other countries.   

Donald Trump got rid of the individual mandate that was a significant problem under ObamaCare. He wants to repeal the rest of the failing program and replace it with a system that leads to lower health care costs and better treatment.  

In contrast, Joe Biden wants to expand ObamaCare to include a public option. This would open the door to our health care system being run by the federal government. Remember when they could not figure out the rollout of the ObamaCare website? Do you really want these people to make our health care decisions?  

Government-run health care will fail in America. It will end our private health plans and end up moving us and our families into a government-run system likely filled with fewer choices, higher costs and long waits for care. That’s not the kind of America in which I want to live. 


Washington is full of politicians who say all the right things but don’t get squat done for the hard-working taxpayers. Donald Trump may not always talk and tweet the way we do in America’s Heartland, but he gets the job done. If we have to pick between a talker and a doer, I will pick a doer every single time.   

Donald Trump is a doer. He helped get Americans back to work before and he will again – if given the chance for four more years.  


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