Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz Tells the Story of the Teen He's Been Raising Whom He Calls His 'Son'

Gaetz's sister, Erin, tweeted on Thursday as well. She shared family photos of Nestor through the years, including of his high school graduation earlier this year, him on Christmas Eve in 2013 and him with Gaetz and his grandmother and grandfather. (Nestor posted the same photo on Instagram in 2018 with the caption “Grandma’s Boys.”)

In the fall, Nestor will start at Troy University in Alabama, where he plans to study nursing. The distance, Gaetz says, is “far enough away and still close enough.”

Their first parent-student visit to the campus is in three weeks, Gaetz says. “I want to study nursing because I like helping people and I think every day being able to save people’s lives and being able to heal people and take care of them makes me happy,” Nestor says. Also: He really likes science.

“We’ve talked about the fact that college is the time in your life when you have the most free time but you can have some of the most daring consequences if you don’t manage it well,” Gaetz says.

He describes Nestor as a “star soccer player,” a jokester and a charmer — a “ham” — with a love of sports and, in his telling, a kind of amiable wryness. A teenager, in other words.

“And as I’ve talked to him throughout the day,” Gaetz says, “he’s very taken by the fact that he has a lot more followers on social media now.”

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