Florida deputies going to border before Biden or Harris is 'outrageous': Sheriff

Florida deputies going to border before Biden admin is ‘outrageous’: sheriff

Sheriff Wayne Ivey discusses being a part of Florida law enforcement helping states fight the battle at the border amid the Biden administration’s failures.

Brevard County, Florida Sheriff Wayne Ivey expressed disapproval Friday towards the Biden administration for having failed so far to visit the border and witness the migrant crisis firsthand. The sheriff told “Fox & Friends First,” it’s ‘outrageous’ that deputies from his state may reach the border before Vice President Kamala Harris does.  

SHERIFF WAYNE IVEY: It’s outrageous that our deputies and law enforcement from Florida may go to the border before the vice president, but, you know, we we all work together in law enforcement. And bravo to our governor, Ron DeSantis, for making sure that we’re standing behind Texas and Arizona and their request from law enforcement to come out and help fight this crisis.

It’s taking place because the Biden administration opened the floodgates, allowed everyone to come in with no control measures, nothing else. And now we’re left trying to put pieces back together to fight the battle. 

When you look at the increase of illegals across our border, when you look at the increase in human trafficking victims, the increase in fentanyl and meth and the other impacts of illegal immigration that filter in the communities, we’re going to fight this battle. So we probably are better served to team up and all of us fight it together because of it. 

If the federal government is not going to do their job under this administration, then local law enforcement and states are pulling together and going to do it.


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