Five ‘vital’ features you need in a kitchen that ‘won’t go out of style’

To ensure that a kitchen holds value and appeals to many, kitchen experts at Magnet claimed that it’s best to consider adding classic features that “won’t go out of style”, while simultaneously providing functionality for everyday needs.

The kitchen pros have shared six vital features for “the most timeless” kitchen design ideas, features, colours and styles that have “stood the test of time”.

1. Shaker-style cabinetry 

Distinctly minimal with a clean design, a shaker-style kitchen has a “timeless elegance” that has cabinet doors consisting of a recessed panel and a four-piece wood frame. Thanks to their history, shaker-style cabinetry can still be found in many more traditional homes.

2. Wooden effect furniture 

As with living room and bedroom furniture, wooden kitchens remain an “extremely popular choice” as wood is also a great material to match with all kinds of colour palettes and worktops to create a “kitchen that’s truly timeless”.

The experts said: “Rich and versatile, wooden touches will give your kitchen a homely farmhouse feel but can be paired perfectly with modern finishes for a sophisticated look.”

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3. Hidden shelving storage

The designated claimed that storage is “vital in any kitchen”, yet it’s important to not forget about the overall look and style of the kitchen space. 

Built-in, hidden storage is a great way to keep clean lines and reduce clutter in a kitchen, especially in smaller kitchens.

Hidden shelving storage will allow households to make the most of the space they have by keeping things neatly tided away.

4. Fitted cabinetry

Having units fitted to the walls and floors will give an overall kitchen a cleaner and sturdier feel.

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Not only this, but fitted kitchen cabinets are more economically friendly than purchasing custom designs.

The look and functional style will help households maximise the space that they have, allowing for better kitchen organisation and the freedom to customise the design to fit specific needs.

Even those who have awkward spaces and sloping eaves can still design cabinets that fit perfectly.

5. Flagstone flooring

The experts recommended households opt for flagstone flooring as they are “beautiful, sturdy and extremely long-lasting”.

Stone floors require very little maintenance and can help to create a seamless flow as they can be used both indoors and outdoors with ease. Even in warmer weather, stone floors stay cool to the touch.

This type of flooring can also help to keep dust and allergens out of the house as the non-porous surface makes cleaning even more effective.

The designers said: “Part of the beauty of this flooring is that the surface of the tile can be finished in various ways to match the aesthetic of your kitchen.

“The cherry on top is that stone flooring simply gets better with age, making it a classic kitchen idea that will add character to your home as time goes on.”

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