Five common plants that repel houseflies including lavender and mint

TikToker washing hack on how to remove fruit flies

Common houseflies are often attracted to rotten items of food, faeces, rotting meat and dirty conditions. 

The pests can often be seen buzzing around bins, litter trays and rotten food such as fruit bowls.

With this in mind, Robert Collins at, the UK’s leading trades matching site, has shared his advice for deterring houseflies and keeping them away from your home.

The pest expert exclusively told that keeping properties clean and tidy and disposing of rubbish correctly will help deter houseflies.

He said: “Make sure all food is disposed of properly and correctly in a bin with a lid on it.

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“Keep all outdoor bins sealed and secure with lids and keep these away from all doors and windows.

“Clean up any spills of food mess as soon as they happen. Keep all food covered up to prevent flies from landing on it and feeding on your food.”

Other preventative methods include keeping windows and doors closed and installing fly screens as well as cleaning up pet poop.

Keeping windows and doors closed or putting up screens should prevent flies from entering homes.

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Cleaning up pet faeces as soon as possible will also stop houseflies from being attracted to litter trays and parts of the garden.

Robert also shared several methods that “deter flies” from homes including plants, candles and homemade sprays.

The expert said: “Place mint on windowsills to deter flies. Citronella candles are great for keeping flies away – especially in the garden.

“Grow certain plants that can repel flies such as lavender, catnip, bay leaves, and marigold.

“Flies hate the smell of pepper, so mix some pepper with water and spray this around your home as a natural deterrent.”

Flies dislike the smell of lavender and other plants such as mint, bay leaves and catnip.

Marigold roots grow deeply and emit a strong odour which reaches deep into the soil.

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