Five ‘common’ living room design mistakes to ‘avoid’ – ‘biggest bugbear’

If there is one room in the home that should present perfection, it is the living room. 

Unfortunately, that’s also where households make the gravest decor mistakes that can spoil the room.

With this in mind, the styling and interior experts at Snug have shared their top tips for “common mistakes to avoid” in living spaces.

1. Incorrect-sized furniture 

It’s hard to judge the scale of furniture when it’s sitting on a vast showroom floor. That’s why homeowners are sometimes shocked to find that the beautiful sectional or coffee table they saw in a showroom looks as though it eats up the entire room when it’s sitting in their living room.

According to the designers, “size matters”, but they’re not just talking about the space households have to work within the living room, the size of the doorway and hallways can leave households having to take out a window to squeeze a sofa in. 

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Instead, they suggest choosing a stress-free sofa solution by choosing a sofa-in-a-box, which is easy to take into the house.

They said: “Delivered in easy-to-handle boxes in a matter of days and taking just minutes to set up without the need for tools, having your dream sofa has never been easier.”

2. Leaving wires on show

This next tip may seem obvious, but it’s “way too important to miss out”. It relates to the TV and electrical wires. 

It’s something that most people think about last and “can be the biggest bugbear”.

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Instead, try hooking the wires to the back of the furniture or trying a cord cover painted in the same colour as the wall. They’re so discreet they’ll just blend into the background.

3. Clutter and chaos

Work smarter and not harder by swapping out big bulky furniture for a sofa with storage to stash away those everyday items. 

The experts claimed that households can store most things in sofa storage, such as books, toys and extra blankets. They said: “You name it, you can hide it.”

4. Not thinking about the furniture 

For those who are living in a small house or who might be renting, the designers argued then to think and the furniture they have.

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They recommended that “fully modular furniture is the way forward”. Modular furniture is intelligently designed to be functional and comfortable so it can fit into any space, but it’s especially perfect for homes that need an extra level of flexibility.

This kind of design allows for unlimited possibilities for comfort, style, and safety because the pieces of furniture can be used in so many unique ways.

5. Blocking natural light 

Households might find that they need to put the sofa in front of the window. This isn’t always a bad thing, the window area is usually a welcomed sun trap, meaning it’s the perfect spot to curl up with a book while basking in the sunlight. 

However, when on the hunt for a new sofa, pay attention to the style as “you’ll want a low-profile design to allow that glorious sunshine to flood in”.

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