‘Extremely repulsive to spiders’: Effective 30p hack to deter spiders

Spiders: Expert reveals how to deal with bugs in your home

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A whopping three to six percent (475 million people) of the global population have a fear of spiders, otherwise known as arachnophobia. Although most spiders are harmless, finding one a property can be an unpleasant experience. Spiders are attracted to our homes in the autumn months when the weather cools down and mating season begins.

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Male spiders will find themselves indoors on the hunt for a mate where it’s warmer and more inviting.

They often come indoors through cracks, open windows and underneath external doors.

With spider sightings likely to increase, the experts at End of Tenancy Cleaning have revealed a simple 30p natural hack for ousting spiders from homes.


Cost £0.30

Citrus fruits are “extremely repulsive to spiders” because of their strong scent.

Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with water and spray it around the home to keep spiders at bay.

Wiping orange peels on windows and doorways is another “effective method” to the critters out the house.

White vinegar

Cost: £0.32

White vinegar can be found in most homes and is another natural deterrent because it contains acetic acid.

Spiders are extremely sensitive to acetic acid, yet the natural method isn’t toxic to pets.

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Spray half water with half vinegar over windows, the kitchen and other entrances to deter not only spiders but other bugs too.

Peppermint Oil

Cost: £1.98

Peppermint oil is the “best option” for ousting spiders because they don’t like its scent.

Spiders smell through their legs so as soon as they are hit with the strong scent of peppermint oil, they run away because the smell is too overpowering.

To apply peppermint oil around the home, mix the oil with water in a spray bottle and then spray areas of the home that are most susceptible to spiders.

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Peppermint oil can be toxic to pets so avoid this method if there are pets in the home.

Light candles

Cost: £1.60

Candles can be an effective way to keep spiders at bay due to the fact spiders don’t like certain smells like lemon, cinnamon and citronella.

They also don’t like the smell of smoke so blowing out candles should keep them away.

Put candles on windowsills to keep spiders away but be careful of children, pets and any other potential fire hazards.

Fill in any cracks

Cost: £3.25

Spiders enter homes through gaps under doors and around windows so it’s important to make sure window frames and cracks are properly sealed.

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Excluder strips could also be put at the bottom of doors to keep the critters from entering under doors.

The experts said: “Although this task requires some DIY, it is a very simple task that can be a more permanent solution than some of the other methods because it stops spiders at the source.”

Turn off outdoor lights

Cost: Free

Bright outdoor lights can attract bugs like spiders, flies, moths and mosquitoes.

Turning off outdoor lights will not only save money on energy bills but will make spiders less likely to come indoors because you’re cutting off their direct food source – flies.

End of Tenancy’s Ivan Ivanov said: “While most spiders prefer to stay outside and are completely harmless to humans, some do seek refuge in the warmth of our homes.

“As previously stated, you will most likely see more spiders in and around your home during the autumn months as the weather cools and they look for a mate.

“Although spiders can be frightening when they appear in your home, they are relatively easy to remove if you know how.

“It’s always worth attempting to keep your removal techniques eco-friendly and low-cost, and it’s important to remember that it’s easier to prevent spiders from entering your home by regularly cleaning and tidying your home or sealing windows than it is to repel them with various oils or candles.”

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