‘Extremely expensive’ interior design mistakes to avoid – ‘it’s not going to work’

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Following interior design trends can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, a cleverly incorporated new trend can instantly revitalise a property’s interior decor. However, on the other hand, following a trend too literally can result in a decorating scheme that looks generic and lacks personality and function.

Sahar Saffari, an interior designer at Hi-Spec Design spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk on the two biggest interior design mistakes homeowners are making.

She noted that the first trend Britons should be avoiding is fast trends.

Fast trends refers to the styling, colours, materials, and shapes that are popular in a particular season and that might have a long-term influence on the market. 

Interior design trends are similar to fashion trends, as both are inspired by the culture and current events.

Sahar explained how fast trends are “extremely expensive” and “time consuming”.

She said: “Following fast trends not only means you’re going to have a home that doesn’t necessarily match your personality, but it’s so extremely unsustainable, time consuming and expensive in the long run. 

“With Instagram and TikTok, it’s easy to get influenced by trends you see, but unless it’s something you like for what it is, not because everyone else has it, it’s not going to work.” 

The interior expert noted how fast trends can be good for small areas of the home, but not for a whole room.

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Sahar added: “That’s not to say that all fast interior trends are bad, but just be cautious when getting inspiration, take little bits and decide what you like, but there is no point making a carbon copy of a TikTok dream home.

“Also, if you’re throwing out furniture or accessories every year and replacing them, it’s expensive and bad for the environment.”

She also shared how following fast trends dismisses any signs of “personality” from a home, which is a “big mistake”.

Sahar said: “Lastly, following these fast trends without adding any personality is a big mistake. 

“Not only will it not be homely for you or your guests, it just won’t suit you. 

“Your home is supposed to be somewhere you are comfortable, reflecting who you are, not someone else’s masterpiece.”

The second mistake Sahar warned homeowners to avoid was following the trend of design over function.

She explained how impractical this trend is.

Sahar said: “You don’t want to have 100 percent function nor 100 percent design. 

“There are so many ways to create a balance of function and stylish design to ensure your home looks how you want, but is also practical.”

The expert explained that this isn’t necessarily just when it comes to furniture, but also design style. 

Sahar continued: “You may love your cream sofa but if you have a toddler, is it going to be more hassle than necessary? 

“In the same way, why would you go for a minimalist style if you’re actually a little bit messy? 

“Ultimately, the more liveable your home is the more comfortable you, or your family or any guests will feel and the easier it will be to maintain over time. 

“It may seem like a chore, but taking that extra time to plan any functionality aspects of your home will really make all the difference in the long run.”

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