Expert’s cheap cleaning guide for toilets – scrub them ‘at least once a week’

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A sparkling toilet is a joy. There are a huge number of expert guides to cleaning the ceramic throne out there. One of those cleaning experts is Hailey Becnel, behind the online platform The Cleaning Channel.  The Floridian posts her tips on her Instagram account and on her TikTok account, The Cleaning Channel. Hailey told readers her best to advice for cleaning the toilet. She had some pearls of wisdom.

The cleaner said: “The best advice I can give with toilet cleaning is to stay ahead of it. Scrub your toilets at least once a week. This will prevent bacteria build-up.”

Hailey suggests a certain sort of product the cleaner always uses. Bleach is a main component of her routine.

She said: “I always clean with a bleach-based toilet bowl cleaner.”

Examples of bleach-based toilet bowl cleaners include Domestos, Harpic Bleach White & Shine, and Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach.

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For toilets in need of a deep clean, Hailey suggested something tough to scrub them with.

She said: “If you haven’t stayed ahead of it in the past and now are dealing with stains a scouring stick (it is called a Pumie) should do the trick!”

Hailey is not the first “cleanfluencer” to recommend the Pumie to readers. Australian cleaning guru Rebecca Rapinchuk, who runs Clean Mama, also suggested one.

Rebecca said: “Weekly scrubbing of the toilet helps and a Pumie, a pumice stone that’s designed to be used in the toilet. A Pumie helps to remove any hard water stains naturally.”

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How often should you clean a toilet?

It’s a good idea to keep the toilet bowl clean on a daily basis using a toilet brush to sweep away any marks or residual human waste.

Then, there are some steps which should be taken weekly to keep a toilet in good condition.

Take a toilet brush and scrub inside the bowl vigorously to remove bacteria.

You can also use bleach to help makes the inside of the bowl look sparkling white. You could also use vinegar or baking soda to do the same job.

For limescale build-up drop a fizzing toilet bowl tablet into the bowl, such as Harpic Power Plus Active Tablets.

It is important to remember to wipe the outside of your toilet with an anti-bacterial solution every week too. Wipe the lid, seat, and handles.

Other genius methods to clean a toilet


Some wear by Coke to clean their toilets. Take a can of the fizzy beverage and pour it over the rim and a bowl.

Leave it for an hour and then scrub it with a brush.

Cleaning expert demonstrates out to clean your toilet

Hydrogen Peroxide

Pour Hydrogen Peroxide into your toilet and let it sit for 30 mins. Then flush it.

Homemade toilet cleaning bombs

Combine baking soda with citric acid and an essential oil of your choice. Mould them together and keep them in the fridge once they have gone hard. Use one once a week.

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