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A BMW driver has been slammed for their "selfish" parking – and everyone's saying the same thing.

The car was parked completely on the pavement to avoid double yellow lines on the road.

The luxury vehicle blocks pedestrians from using the path in Coventry – with one woman blasting the careless parking.

Taking to Facebook, she posted a picture of the car and questioned why the owner thought they were more important than others.

She said: "I usually just tut to myself when I see this inconsiderate parking but today, with my dog I have had to walk in the road or risk falling in the ditch – I did wait five minutes to meet the driver but it was too cold to stay longer.

"Why are you more important than other road users and pedestrians and what selfish behaviour are you teaching your children?


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"It's not the first time I've seen this car – next time you will be referred to the council."

Parked by what appears to be a school, another user said the behaviour is "disgusting".

They added: "I'd report them now. They are repeat offenders. I'm sick of seeing it every school pick-up and drop-off.

"I am considering seeing how we could go about getting the council to add the wooden posts down the road from the car park to the bridge."

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Another added: "Don’t BMWs have their own rules for the road?

"I totally get what you’re saying though – actually, total disregard for anyone else."

Rules about parking on the pavement

In most parts of the country, the local council is responsible for pavement parking bans.

However, they can only fine someone if they're on yellow lines or of there's a direct sign forbidding it.

If police catch you, you could be charged with "unnecessary obstruction of any part of the highway".

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