Eugenie’s 16th birthday was a ‘drunken rave’ at Sunninghill Park

Fergie reveals how Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie brought her to tears

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Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, both 62, raised their daughters Princess Beatrice, 34, and Princess Eugenie, 32, in Sunninghill Park in Ascot. This is where Princess Eugenie’s birthday party took place in 2006. However, the party reportedly descended into a “drunken rave”, as was reported by the Independent.

Around 40 youngsters apparently attended the bash at Sunninghill Park in honour of Princess Eugenie, the youngest daughter of the Duke of York and his former wife, Fergie.

The Princess, who was studying for her GCSEs at the time at Marlborough College, the same school attended by Kate Middleton, reportedly celebrated the occasion privately with friends.

But the planned orderly event was said to have gone “downhill” according to reports, when partygoers reputedly “downed a cocktail of champagne, lager and spirits”.

One guest told the Independent that “some guests began pairing off and heading for the bedrooms” whilst others “passed out or vomited in the Windsor Great Park mansion”.

What does Sunninghill Park actually look like inside?

The property was a 12-bedroom, 12-bathroom two-story building with six reception rooms.

However, it has been compared to a Tesco supermarket over the years.

Inside the home was complete with a gym, a games room and a library.

Andrew and Sarah spent a large amount of time raising Beatrice and Eugenie there. 

In ‘The Royal Wives of Windsor’, a documentary released in 2018, royal commentators discussed Sunninghill and the critics’ perception of the home back in the 1980s.

Penny Junor, a royal biographer, said: “Andrew and Fergie built themselves a very grand house called Sunninghill.

“The press quite rightly said it looked like a Tesco.

“They called it South York after the Dallas programme and I think it all went downhill from there.”

Royal author Andrew Morton then added: “The irony of the Duke and Duchess of York’s place Sunninghill was it was the first example of a royal building in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.”

Prince Andrew and Sarah lived in the mansion until 2004, despite filing for divorce in 1996.

The Duchess of York continued to live in the residence with Beatrice and Eugenie until it was sold in 2007.

Prince Andrew now lives in Royal Lodge in Windsor.

Fergie also maintains a residence in the Windsor property, despite no longer being married to the Duke.

Meanwhile, Princess Beatrice lives in St James’ Palace in London with her growing family.

Eugenie, on the other hand, splits her time between London and Portugal with her husband Jack Brooksbank.

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