Eight ways to transform your home for spring

Next week also sees the start of Home Improvement Month where Brits will be encouraged to “make one change in April”. According to research, the kitchen is the best place to #MakeOneChange with 20 percent of those surveyed choosing this first and foremost. The bedroom took the runners-up spot (18 percent) with the living room in third (14 percent).

But with the cost-of-living crisis leaving finances stretched, homeowners will be looking for the most creative and cost-effective ways of transforming their properties over the coming weeks.

Go Bold, Go Gold

Painted gold interiors are an undoubted trend that will continue to grow throughout 2023. If you aren’t brave enough to paint your walls and woodwork gold, then opt for gold accents.

Home adornments, fabrics, statement furniture and frames all benefit from this. Mix metallics, matt and polished to create a more opulent feel.

Cushions everywhere

This is the year of the multipurpose living room. So try coming up with inventive methods to use some spaces for many purposes. Today, people work, play, and rest in their living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens. Layer cushions to hide an old sofa or chair.

The use of classic block colour cushions also helps provide an opulent base upon which to build a vignette in any style. For a fresh aesthetic, aim to combine patterns and materials.

Prepare for outdoor dining

Yes, it’s time! Breakfast, lunch and dinner outside is no longer a pipe dream. Adorn your exterior tables with beautiful dinnerware, candles, faux plants to make creative table settings for the family to enjoy.

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Practice for the summer months and get the whole family round for lunchtime cocktails.

Throws for cosy nights

As well as cushions, throws can easily be used to update a room. Match and mix fabrics, textures, colours and patterns. Mix styles and trends to create an eclectic vibe. Throws can be used not only on sofas and chairs, but adorned on walls or hung from hooks.

Change a Frame to update a room

A cheap way to change up and revamp your room is to use framed canvases and photo frames. Again, follow the mix and match trend of styles.

Mix new with old, take a look around the local vintage shops to acquire some eclectic pieces with more modern metallic frames. Mix frames in a variety of styles in the same colour.

Go big in the smallest room

Bold wallpaper designs with statement pieces can make such a difference. If you’re just getting started with wallpaper, you might want to start in the house’s smallest room. There are no limits here, so be daring and give the small area some much-needed creative love! Choose a lesser-size pattern to ease yourself into wallpaper if you’re not ready to take the maximalist plunge. Any environment will gain texture and understated elegance from it without becoming overpowering. Opt for a hung mirror in a small downstairs toilet to give this space and also a focal point.

Maximalist not minimalist

More, more and more! It’s all about embracing excess in the maximalist design movement. Consider using lots of colour, vibrant patterns, and different textures. Even though “more is more,” the contemporary maximalism trend doesn’t need to equate to chaos.

Imagine your room as a meticulously arranged Aladdin’s cave filled with riches, each exhibit piece more fascinating than the previous. Order as many fabrics, colours and wallpaper samples as you can and layer these to see which combinations are the best and give you the wow factor.

Flowers and faux the way to go

The appeal of using fabric petals instead of genuine flowers is easy to understand. The pricey cycle of replenishing flowers around the house and picking up fading petals is eliminated by using faux flowers. Also, it means that peonies are available year-round! Faux plants look so real these days that it’s often difficult to know the difference. Single stems can be used to update your home whether it be pampas or hydrangeas or potted orchids. Go big and fill eclectic vases with as many stems as possible.

Kate Conrad is an interior design expert and design director at Madison & Mayfair.

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