‘Easy way’ to remove ‘unpleasant smells’ from washing machines – ‘cleans and freshens’

White vinegar hack for limescale explained by cleaning expert

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Over the winter months, it’s common for some parts of the home to be neglected. Cleaning certain household items like ovens, dishwashers and washing machines can often be prioritised later on in the year. When spring arrives and the sun starts to shine, the need to spring clean the house can suddenly highlight the areas of the home that need a deep clean.

Jennifer Sharpe, chief fragrance officer at Fabulosa, has shared her top tips on how to attack the jobs that are essential for homeowners’ spring clean checklists

Along with ovens, fridges and dishwashers, washing machines are likely to be one of the most frequently used kitchen appliances.

In some households, the washing machine is used every day.

When your washing machine starts to smell unpleasant, it’s time to give it a deep clean.

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Jennifer told Express.co.uk that while reducing the temperature of your wash can help to reduce energy bills, it can encourage the build-up of bacteria.

She said: “There are many benefits to washing at lower temperatures, including reducing your environmental impact and your energy bills.

“Cooler cycles can encourage a build-up of bacteria, which is what causes those unpleasant smells.”

However, the cleaning expert said “it’s very easy” to banish “any nasty aromas emanating from your drum”.

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She continued: “I recommend a specialist cleaner, such as Fabulosa’s Washing Machine Cleaner, which cleans and freshens your washing machine whilst killing 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria.

“Pour 125ml of the product into the soap dispenser and run your machine on an empty, short, hot cycle. For stubborn, persisting smells, simply repeat.”

Fabulosa Washing Machine Cleaner in Fresh Breeze can be bought from B&M for £1.

Other washing machine cleaners are also available to buy from supermarkets.

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Sainsbury’s Washing Machine Cleaner 250ml costs £2.50.

Dylon 3in1 Washing Machine Cleaner costs £2.30 from Waitrose.

Dr Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner Powder costs £2.45 from ASDA.

Washing machine smells can also be ousted with more natural products.

The seal can be cleaned using white vinegar and water.

White vinegar and water can also be put into the detergent drawer, and two cups into the drum.

Running a hot wash will help to eliminate smells and bacteria.

The door of the washing machine should also be left open to allow it to dry out.

Soda crystals have also been known to help oust washing machine smells.

White vinegar and soda crystals can be added to the drum before putting on a hot wash.

This will also help remove any limescale build up.

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