Easy guide to how pensioners can receive over £4,000 per year

Attendance Allowance: Age UK helps man claim benefit

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Attendance Allowance provides financial assistance to those over the state pension age who require help. However, 58 percent of claims for the disability benefit are rejected, placing more importance on how applicants answer the questions on their claim forms.

Attendance Allowance provides two separate weekly payment rates depending on the level of assistance or supervision one requires. 

The lower rate of £57.30 per week is for those that only need supervision or case during the day or night while the higher rate of £85.60 is for those that need assistance during both. 

Many try to avoid claiming this amount that they are fully entitled to simply because of the tedious application process, but it can provide far more than the £85.60 higher rate. 

Having a successful Attendance Allowance claim can also make one entitled to various benefits such as Pension Credit, Council Tax Reduction or Housing Benefit.

Elderly care website Age Space shared their simple guide to every aspect of the application, ensuring no potential claimant gets left behind. 

Age Space noted that claimants need to complete the AA1A form for the DWP to apply for this benefit, which can be found online or sent to claimants by calling 0345 605 6055. 

Usually, the eligibility for this benefit is that all of the following apply to the claimant:

  • They have a physical disability, mental disability or both
  • The disability is severe enough to require additional care or supervision
  • They have needed help for at least six months
  • Be in Great Britain when claiming
  • Having been in Great Britain for at least two of the last three years
  • Be a habitual resident in the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands
  • Not be subject to immigration control.

However, one exception is for the terminally ill as if they can receive special rules if diagnosed with six months or less to live that will fast-track their application. 

One aspect of Attendance Allowance that is often overlooked is the fact that claimants don’t actually need to be receiving care or supervision in order to claim it. 

They only need to prove that they need this help and Age Space suggested that claimants who don’t have carers should specially note the difficulties they experience daily when filling out the form. 

Many claims are rejected because claimants underestimate their needs or understate their difficulties on the application form. 

Age Space suggested claimants include the following when filling out the form:

  • What condition causes the difficulty
  • What difficulties you have with a specific activity
  • The support that you need
  • How long it takes to complete the activity
  • An example of the difficulty you have.

Additionally, if claimants find tasks painful or difficult to complete or they need to be prompted to do them should include that on the form.

Age Space also noted that claimants shouldn’t be concerned about repeating challenges or tasks in different sections of the form as the repetition will show the extent of their difficulty with these aspects.

They also shared that claimants should ensure they have the following information on hand as it will be needed to complete the forms:

  • National Insurance number
  • GP name and the address of the surgery
  • Details of medications
  • Details of any medical professionals a person has seen about existing conditions/disabilities (apart from GP)
  • Hospital record number (if applicable)
  • Details of any hospitals/care homes/hospices stayed at, including dates of stay.

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