‘Easiest way’ to make your property more ‘desirable’ – and boost your home’s value

Phil Spencer shares importance home renovations in 2021

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Homeowners looking to make their home more desirable to buyers might look to renovate their kitchens or bathrooms. However, new research published by Neville Johnson has revealed that staircase renovations are the way to do it. Its research revealed that almost three quarters (73 percent) of those surveyed think a well-designed staircase has a huge impact on the property as a whole.

Meanwhile, 71 percent said it’s an important feature when selling a home.

Neville Johnson’s staircase designer, Gareth Betts, said most people don’t consider a staircase replacement when they’re looking to make their homes more desirable.

He said: “There are many ways to add value to your home, renovating the kitchen, improving the garden, however most people don’t consider a staircase replacement to be one of the easiest and visually appealing ways to make the property more desirable.

“A staircase is an integral part to the structure of any home and is the first thing that yourself and guests see when walking inside, so guaranteeing your hallway is impactful is key.

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“A bespoke staircase is the perfect way to transform a space into something that was once ‘tired’ into a space that is stylish and welcoming.”

Gareth, who also has 21 years’ experience in staircase renovations, has shared his expert tips for those looking to renovate their staircases.

Staircase structure

Before taking on a staircase renovation, it’s important to ensure the structure of the staircase is sound.

A sound structure will mean the renovation process will be easier.

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Rather than making structural changes, homeowners will then be able to replace components of the existing staircase.


Homeowners should think about arranging a consultation with experts to find out what the best option is for their homes.

A consultation will also allow homeowners to ask any questions about the design and the process.


A staircase renovation won’t take as long as most people think.

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In fact, Gareth said it takes around 48 hours and won’t require homeowners to factor in time away from home.

The survey also revealed that “staircase shame” is on the rise.

In fact, just under one in three (31 percent) revealed they’ve been embarrassed of their staircase when hosting friends and family.

When it comes to staircase style, those looking to renovate may want to think about what the majority of people like.

An unusual design may put off potential homebuyers in the future.

Over a third (36 percent) of UK homeowners chose contemporary monochrome style staircases, more than double of those who chose glass (17 percent) and dark oak options (seven percent).

Forty-three percent of those surveyed revealed they still get their inspiration from friends and family, with social media influencers coming in last (16 percent).

For those given the opportunity to renovate their staircase, over half (54 percent) said disruption caused in the home is the most off-putting aspect.

Nearly two fifths (39 percent) said it was the lengthy time it takes to complete.

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