Drivers warned they risk £70 fine for 'bad turns' under new rules

DRIVERS could face a £70 fine if they are seen taking a so-called "bad turn" on the road.

It comes after it was announced that local councils will soon be given the power to hand out fines for "moving traffic" offences.

Drivers might not have come across the phrase "bad turn" before – but falling foul of this road rule could earn you a fine.

A so-called bad turn covers a multitude of motoring sins.

It could be turning in the wrong place, such as a yellow box junction, doing more than one three point turn, or turning in the road when there's fast moving traffic.

Drivers should only turn in the road if absolutely necessary.

The safest ways to do so are either a full U-turn, or a three point turn if the road is too narrow.

If it's not possible to do either of these and you still need to turn around, unfortunately you'll have to carry on driving until you find a good spot to operate a safe turn.

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If you get caught doing a "bad turn", you run the risk of being given a £70 fine.

If it sounds like a new rule, that's because it is.

And it's not the only driving rule or law to change in 2022, with a new highway code being brought in at the end of the month.

Parking on pavements is set to become illegal across the whole of the UK.

It is already banned in London and drivers can face a £70 fine if caught on parking on paths.

Drivers can face up to a £200 fine and six points on their licence if caught using their phone at the wheel.

Using a mobile phone was already illegal but now drivers cannot use their phones when they've stopped at a red light or going through a drive through.

The only exception is if you are using your phone to pay for a toll or goods at a drive through.

There's 10 new driving laws and rules changes coming into affect this year – make sure you know them.

The Highway Code rule change that gives cyclists priority on the roads.

Parking firms are also calling for higher parking fines.

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