Drivers warned they could be fined £2,500 for celebrating the Queen’s JUBILEE… make sure you don’t get caught out

DRIVERS are being warned that they could be fined THOUSANDS for making a simple mistake when celebrating the Queen's jubilee.

Bunting, flags and decorations are all the rage for the royal celebrations, but motorists covering their cars with party ornaments could land themselves in hot water.

Motor experts Scrap Car Comparison are cautioning Brits to be wary with their jubilee decorations.

Rule 30 of the Road Vehicles Regulations states the driver must, at all times, 'have a full view of the road and traffic ahead of the motor vehicle'.

This means any obstructions on your front and rear windows could result in penalties of £100 on the spot, and up to £1,000 with three points on the licence.

Brits are also being warned to make sure their jubilee car ornaments are securely in place.

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Rule 53 states that no mascot, emblem or other ornaments should be in a position where they are ‘likely to strike any person with whom the vehicle may collide’. 

Any decorations that fall off into the path of another moving vehicle could also result in drivers being found to be driving 'without due consideration' for other road users.

This can result in motorists being slapped with £100 fines on-the-spot as well as three penalty points – and even up to £2,500 and disqualification in serious cases.

Drivers may also be shocked to find out that adding decorations to their car without telling insurance providers can leave them uninsured whilst on the road.

Car stickers could be seen as cosmetic upgrades, which insurers may view as altering the car away from its original specifications.

Additionally, stickers on the front or rear windscreen could impair your road vision.

Scrap Car Comparison's top tips for drivers looking to dress up their car for the royal festivities:

  1. Don’t place decorations near the front or rear of the vehicle – the main thing is to ensure that you have a clear view of the road and other vehicles at all times, so make sure your decorations aren’t restricting your sight from the front or rear of the vehicle, or other key positions. 
  1. Fasten decorations securely – before heading off, double check that your decorations are fastened on securely and aren’t likely to drop off while moving. 
  1. Think about size – the larger the decorations, the more likely you are to run into trouble while driving, so smaller decorations can often be safer. 
  1. Double-check your insurance – to make sure you’re covered while on the road, make sure to check your insurance before heading off – if there are any items that class as a ‘modification’, make sure you notify your insurer of these before you plan to drive. 

Dan Gick, Managing Director of Scrap Car Comparison, said: "Car decorations are something we often see around the World Cup and in line with major sporting events, but they have also seen surges in popularity around royal events such as the Diamond Jubilee weekend in 2012, and of course royal weddings.   

Although it's always good to get in the spirit, and it may seem like a harmless bit of fun to pop a flag up on your car, the consequences of any mismanaged decorations can potentially be incredibly severe – both in terms of fines and points, but also physically in the event of a collision.

We wouldn’t want people to miss out on the fun, or put them off celebrating the best way they know how, but we would encourage reading the guidance around car decorations to ensure they are used safely.”  

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