Drivers have ONE WEEK to learn new road rules and avoid £1,000 fine

DRIVERS have just one week before new road rules are introduced, with finesof up to £1,000 for breaking the updated regulations.

Changes to the Highway Code will come into force next Saturday (January 29) and motorists could be hit with hefty fines if they don't follow the updated rules

Some of the Highway Code is enforced by law – meaning you could be hit with fines, penalty points or even imprisonment.

Other rules you should stick to but aren't legally binding.

However, if you break them you could find yourself in breach of the law, for example for dangerous or careless driving.

We explain what rules are coming in next week so you can drive safely and avoid a fine.

Hierarchy of road users

One of the main changes being introduced next week is a new "hierarchy of road users", giving more of a priority to cyclists and pedestrians over motorists.

This means drivers should give way to pedestrians waiting to cross a road they're turning into.

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Cars wanting to turn either left or right will now have to give way to cyclists that are riding behind and want to go straight on.

When a driver is overtaking a cyclist, they must leave a space of at least 1.5 metres at speeds up to 30mph.

If you're driving above 30mph, you must give extra space to cyclists although a specific distance has not be laid out.

There will also be extra rules put in place for drivers and cyclists using roundabouts.

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Allow pedestrians to cross

If drivers are stuck in traffic – or moving slowly – the new Highway Code rules say that you should allow pedestrians to cross in front of you.

That means those walking across the road should be allowed to do so by drivers.

This rule also applies to cyclists looking to cross the road too.

Previously, rules stated that you shouldn't wave or use your horn to invite pedestrians to walk across a zebra crossing.

Now, flashing your lights has been added to the list, you should also not rev your engine as well as this could intimidate walkers.

More rules on using your phone

Everyone knows that being on the phone or texting while you're driving is an offence, and has been for a long time.

Anyone that does that risks being fined as much as £200.

But from next week, motorists will be banned from using their phones in other situations, such as taking photos or videos.

Drivers won't be able to scroll through playlists or play games while on the road either.

Watch out when opening your door

A new addition to The Highway Code for 2022 will describe the safest way drivers should be opening their car doors from the inside – or risk a £1,000 fine.

Rule 239 will stipulate: "Where you are able to do so, you should open the door using your hand on the opposite side to the door you are opening; for example, use your left hand to open a door on your right-hand side.

"This will make you turn your head to look over your shoulder.

If an accident is caused by opening a car door and hitting somebody passing by, you might have to pay a penalty.

Injuring someone by opening your car door can result in a fine of up to £1,000.

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