Drivers could be fined £100 on the spot for wearing this common winter outfit – what it is and how to avoid it | The Sun

DRIVERS have been warned that they could be fined £100 on the spot for wearing typical winter outfits.

As we move towards winter, motorists need to know that some outfits can be dangerous when driving.

Rule 97 of the Highway Code states drivers must have "footwear and clothing which does not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner."

Car experts at have offered a list of the clothing items that could cost drivers a hefty fine.

Surprisingly, drivers wearing coats and scarves can be fined £100 and get three points on their licence.

Large clothing items such as long coats and scarves may prevent drivers from using the vehicle's controls effectively.


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If the driver is involved in an accident, police could issue a 'driving without care and attention' charge and a fine.

Other tips for driving safely this winter are having the correct tyres on your vehicle and checking your tyre's tread.

But, also, it is advisable to remove snow and grime from your number plate because the plate has to be visible to cameras and other drivers.

Louise Thomas, car insurance expert at, said: "Road accidents can often be more common during the winter months because of the bad weather, density of traffic and difficult road conditions.

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"It’s extremely important to ensure your vehicle is ready for the winter months, to make sure you are driving as safely as possible.

“No matter the weather, there are scenarios when your insurer may not pay out on an accident.

"Your car insurance should cover you in all weather conditions, but they may not pay out if you’ve broken a traffic offence which has caused an accident or failed to maintain your vehicle.

"For peace of mind, you should check the list of significant exclusions and limitations on your car insurance policy before setting off."

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