Drivers blown away by winter car hack that only costs £1 but could save you £1,000s in fines | The Sun

DRIVERS have been given a handy hack for winter driving that only costs £1 and could help them avoid serious fines.

The hack involves something most of us have in the house and it only takes seconds to do.

The experts at Peter Vardy have examined car maintenance-related hashtags on TikTok to reveal their top autumn and winter car hacks you can start using now.

One of the cheapest and easiest involves a microfibre cloth and shaving foam.

Most people have both of these things lying around at home, but it can make a huge difference to winter driving.

Put a generous amount of shaving foam onto the cloth and wipe it on your windscreen, both inside and out, until it disappears.

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This should prevent your windows from fogging up in the colder months.

Windows fog up in winter more easily as the cold air outside the car and warm air inside cause condensation.

Fogged-up windows restrict visibility and can be the cause of serious accidents.

Many drivers late for work in the morning set off with their windscreens still foggy, but this hack could mean you never have to again.


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Rule 229 of the Highway Code states: 'make sure the mirrors are clear and the windows are demisted thoroughly.'

If the police catch you with a fogged-up windscreen, you'll usually end up with a fairly minor £60 fine.

But if they don't and it can be proved you severely injured or even killed somebody due to poor visibility, the fines run to £1,000s and there's even the prospect of prison.

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