Donald Trump slams 'not funny' late-night TV, reminisces about appearance on Jimmy Fallon

Trump reveals the story behind the terminology ‘Fake News’

Greg Gutfeld sits down with former President Donald Trump to discuss a range of topics

Former President Donald Trump discussed the border wall, “fake news,” and the state of late-night TV in an exclusive interview Friday on “Gutfeld!”

Trump noted that it took two and a half years for his administration to start building the border wall, but that his border policies slowed the inflow of both illegal immigrants and substances like Fentanyl across the southern border. 

“I think, frankly, now, we’re given much more credit than I was when I was there because they see how bad it’s been,” said the former president. 

“One of the things I stopped was Fentanyl to a large extent,” he continued. “I had it down 81%, that’s a tremendous amount. Now it’s triple, quadruple what it was.”  

Trump also took credit for coining and making popular the term “fake news,” which host Greg Gutfeld called one of the most important phrases of this generation. 

“It stuck, and you know how long it took to stick?” asked Trump. “About 24 hours.” 

Trump and Gutfeld also discussed the change in late-night TV, with both noting that most shows are “not funny” anymore. 

“They’ve replaced humor with anger and what’s called ‘clapter,’” said Gutfeld. “They want people to clap about their opinions and not their jokes.” 

Trump reminisced about his appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” where he let Fallon touch his hair to prove that it was real. Fallon drew criticism following the interview for featuring Trump and later apologized. 

“It’s never been the same,” said Gutfeld, highlighting the sharp decline in ratings Fallon saw after apologizing for the incident. 

Trump also highlighted the difference in the way he was treated before and after running for President, sharing a story of the first time he was booed at an event, noting the shock of his wife, Melania. 

“That’s what happens when you go into politics,” Trump said.

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