Dirty ovens could be costing Britons more money on energy bills

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Energy bills are at the forefront of Britons’ minds at present with six out of 10 claiming they will need to cut their spending in order to pay for them, according to a YouGov poll. However, the survey also revealed that only half of Britons understand how energy bills are calculated. 

With this in mind, Mike Harris from Ovenrescue.co.uk has taken a close look at the costs of cooking and how Britons can save money while cooking their favourite dishes.

The oven cleaning expert revealed there’s one cleaning job Britons can do to save cash on rising energy costs.

How can you make cooking cheaper?

Mike said there are “three things” that make up energy bills when it comes to cooking – energy, cooking time/temperature and the efficiency of the oven or cooking apparatus.

He said: “A dirty oven is a surefire way to increase energy consumption further as it can use 10 percent more energy. With an increase in energy prices in October, this translates to £31 a year when using your oven for an average of one hour a day.

“There’s not that much any of us can do about energy prices because every supplier is ramping up their charges. You could use your oven less, but you still have to cook for yourself and your family.

“And if you’re baking, roasting or just heating up a pizza or some lasagne, you need your oven. When it comes to efficiency, you could invest in a new, more efficient model, but that will put a sizeable dent in the household budget.”

The oven expert said Britons can make their ovens “more efficient” by keeping them clean. A dirty oven could add as much as 10 percent or more to the amount of energy being used.

Why does a dirty oven use more energy?

Dirty ovens are a fire risk, can fill kitchens with bad smells and can even have an impact on how food tastes. 

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If that isn’t reason enough to give ovens a good clean, grease build-up inside the oven also reduces the efficiency of the oven so it could take longer to cook food.

Not only will this waste energy and see bills increase, but Britons could be putting their health at risk if they’re cooking meat products in an oven that isn’t efficient because it’s dirty. Inaccurate cooking times could lead to undercooked food.

When does an oven need cleaning?

A “good sign” an oven needs cleaning is if you can no longer see through the glass to check on food cooking because it’s so dirty.

Another sign is if the kitchen fills with smoke whenever the oven is opened. Mike added: “This is likely to be from the burning of old food and spillages. These smoke particles are not good for your health either.”

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How much does it cost to use a cooker?

The cost of cooking comes from:

  • The price a household pays for energy
  • The length of time the oven is used
  • The cooker’s energy efficiency

Even if a cooker has a top A rating, it’s likely to burn through 2,500 watts every hour. If it’s an old cooker at the bottom end of the energy scale, it could use twice as much.

In April 2022 electricity went up to 28p per kWh and gas to 7.3p. Despite the Government’s energy price cap, in October 2022 there’s another hike with electricity going up to 34p and gas to 10.3p.

Those using an electric oven for an average of an hour a day, that equates to 365 hours a year. In October, the cost jumps up from £255 to £310 a year.

For gas cookers, the annual costs are likely to go up from £65 in April 2022 to £94 in October.

How much does it cost to cook the Sunday roast?

It takes roughly one hour and 30 minutes to cook a roast dinner for the family. If an electric oven runs at 2,500 watts, and energy costs you 28p per kWh, the cost is 1.5 x 2.5 x 28, or £1.05. In October that goes up by 21 percent to £1.27.

However, it’s important to remember that hobs use a lot of energy too, especially electric ones.

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