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A BEWILDERED Netflix user has shared a secret message he received from a grifter that had been using his account without his knowledge.

It's certainly not what you'd expect to find when settling in for an evening of streaming.

"Someone hacked into my Netflix account last month and watched every episode of Cocomelon and then left me a note," the customer wrote on Twitter.

The note was left in Netflix's 'My List' menu, which has a roster of all the TV shows and movies that a user has selected to watch at a later date.

The hidden message was written out through a string of cleverly picked titles listed on Netflix.

"Thanks for everything… You… Legend," it read.


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The New York-based Netflix customer, who goes by Saeed Dicaprio, received an alert from the streaming platform that a new device had logged into his account.

The Netflix account was accessed via an Android device based more than 7000miles away in Oman.

Netflix replied to the Tweet, saying: "I'm… wow!"

Dicaprio hit back, saying "this is what happens when you let us share passwords," nodding at Netflix's controversial plan to put a stop to password sharing.

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How do I see who is using my Netflix account?

Many Netflix customers share their passwords willingly, be it with children who have moved away for university or a friend who wants to watch a show you've recommended.

But sometimes users can forget who they've shared their password with, or it may have even been stolen.

Whatever the case, there is a way to see who is using your Netflix account and a way to boot them out.

First, go to Netflix's website, and sign into your account.

Click your Profile in the top right corner of the screen > Account Profile & Parenting Controls > Viewing Activity.

How do I stop them from using my account?

If someone is in fact using your account without your permission – or you simply don't want weird recommendations anymore – there's a simple fix.

Firstly, users can change their password.

Or, customers can sign out of Netflix on all devices in their Settings.

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Head to Netflix, and sign into your account.

Then click on your Profile Account Security & Privacy Manage Access and Devices > Sign out of the device you want or don't recognise.

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