DC locals praise vaccine mandate and ID requirements while staying quiet on voter ID: 'It's brilliant'

WATCH NOW: ‘It’s brilliant’: DC locals praise vaccine mandate and ID requirements while staying quiet on voter ID

Washington, D.C.’s recent requirement to show proof of vaccination and an ID requirements feel "like a dictatorship."

WASHINGTON – Residents in the nation’s capital told Fox News they are glad the city is ordering businesses to require proof of vaccination and an ID, while others said it feels “like a dictatorship.”

“It took them long enough to do it,” one D.C. resident, Bradley, told Fox News. He said he was looking forward to the mandates and that he is “glad that it’s done.”

Effective Jan. 15, D.C. required that all businesses such as restaurants, bars, movie theaters, coffee shops and gyms must require masks, proof of vaccination and a photo ID before entry. 


Another resident, Alix, called the requirement brilliant.

“I always wondered about the authenticity of the card,” Alix said. “I don’t understand why people would not want some form of identification.”

Alix speaks with Fox News Digital.

But another local, Emre, told Fox News: “From the general public’s perspective, it kind of feels like an invasion toward their privacy. It feels almost like a dictatorship where you’re supposed to show where you’re going.”

Jeff told Fox News that requiring an ID is pushing it. He also worried about how he would be impacted after losing his proof of vaccination card. 

A sign encourages D.C. residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Robert, of Virginia, said: “I carry my driver’s license or my ID and my vaccine card with me all the time because these requirements have come up before.”

And Elizabeth told Fox News: “If you do anything, almost, you have to have your vaccine card.”

She also said the requirements could lead to some people being “left out.”

But responses were more mixed when it comes to an ID requirement for voting.

“That don’t make sense, that really don’t,” William said.

Bradley said: “It’s a fair criticism to some extent. It’s kind of hard to have an ID to vote considering that’s like a constitutional right.”

A restaurant in D.C. posts a sign requiring proof of vaccination.

Alix said the requirements aren’t comparable.

“It’s kind of apples and oranges,” she told Fox News. Though it will make it difficult for some people, health and safety issues are paramount, Alix continued. 

Jeff said the comparison was not an issue and that it was just a “side argument.” 

“Regarding the ID to vote, I do think we should need one,” Eduardo said. “Those two walk hand-in-hand.”

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