Dan Bongino provides roadmap for Republican candidates in Democrat-leaning states

‘Action changes the world’: Bongino

Dan Bongino explores how the Democratic Party’s losses unfolded this week on ‘Unfiltered.’

Dan Bongino gave Republicans a road map for winning in Democrat-leaning states Saturday on “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino.” 

DAN BONGINO: Again, folks. Action changes the world, not just talk. Talk is cheap. Action matters. Doing matters. But it’s not just about taking action. It’s about taking smart action. The model for red state candidates running in blue states is now crystal clear. Just a few steps here: 

Step one: Run up the score in rural counties. Listen, if you live in a rural county, they don’t respect you, the left. They call you the smelly Walmart people. You’ve seen it. But you’re the real Americans putting food on the table – the farmers, the truckers. It’s you. 

Second, stay laser-focused on local issues, in swing counties. … While Youngkin was laser-focused on local issues that mattered, like education, mattered to real people on the ground, [Terry] McAuliffe was focused on what? He was focused on Mar-a-Lago or something. 

Third, you have to highlight the Democrats’ failures and minimize the damage in urban areas, many that lean Democrat. … Folks, it matters. We’ve got to win. The strategy is crystal clear. 

And lastly, when your enemy is destroying itself, please, please don’t get in the way. 


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