Coronavirus warning: How to disinfect ‘breeding ground for germs’ in home during lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown means Britons will be spending more time than ever indoors. While many are sure to be Spring cleaning, some spots need more attention than others. These are the five areas you must disinfect in your property.


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Disinfecting your home is a must for preventing the spread of the virus in regularly used areas.

Most people have been regularly cleaning and products have been 200 percent more popular, according to experts.

During the coronavirus, experts at cleaning and laundry company Dr Beckmann explained the areas you must clean.

These are the top five areas that need extra care when staying at home.

Washing machine

The experts said: “The washing machine can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

“So, we recommend running the machine with a cleaner specially designed to remove bacteria.

“Ensure the kitchen or laundry room is well ventilated and the washing machine door and drum is left open for a while after use.”

Door knobs and handles

“Door knobs, handles and letterboxes are common items that are usually overlooked,” they continued.

“Make sure to apply a surface cleaner to the object and wipe every inch and corner.

“If a small part is missed then it still opens up the risk of spreading germs throughout the house.”


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The experts commented: “Surfaces in the home are high traffic areas and whether it be in the kitchen or the bathroom they need to be cleaned with anti-bacterial spray to ensure they remain germ free and ready to use.”


They explained: “Floors often have unseen dirt and germs and need a deeper clean.

“Brushing hard floors and then mopping with antibacterial products is a good way to keep on top of the dirt and germs.”

Pillows and cushions

“These items are getting some extra use during lockdown and need to be washed regularly as a result,” the cleaning experts said.

“Wash cushion covers and for cushion pads or pillows use a non-bio detergent and tumble dry.”

Coronavirus germs have been shown to stay on materials which means cleaning pillows is important.

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