CNN reporter doubles down after being called out for criticism of Canadian truckers

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CNN reporter Miguel Marquez is doubling down on his criticism of the Canadian truckers protesting Canada’s coronavirus related restrictions after describing the Freedom Convoy as being wrapped in “the guise of freedom.” 

Marquez made the claim on Feb. 14 while reporting from Windsor, Ontario, the location of the then-recently dispersed blockade carried out by the truckers on the Ambassador Bridge that connects Canada’s most populous province to the state of Michigan. 

CNN’s Miguel Marquez reports from Windsor, Ontario on the Canadian trucker protests on February 14, 2022. (Screenshot/CNN)
(CNN screenshot)

“There’s a lot of fighting going on among the protesters themselves,” Marquez claimed in his report. “That started off as an anti-vaccine protest, then it was anti-mandate, now it’s sort of generically anti-government all wrapped in this, sort of, notion, or the guise of freedom, you know, whatever that means to these individuals.” 

Following his report, Marquez was called out by Grabien Media founder Tom Elliott on social media, who posted a video clip of the former’s report and highlighted his critical description of the protesters.

Appearing angered by the post, Marquez responded Tuesday on social media by calling Elliott, without evidence, a “right-wing troll,” and appeared to refute the latter’s portrayal of his comments. He then, however, doubled down by claiming the protesters were a “minority” resorting to “tyranny” to achieve their goals.

“Right-wing trolls still at it. A chopped quote to make a cheap point. Typical. They don’t react well to being called out. Canadian protesters using ‘freedom’ to try and achieve their anti-vax, pandemic-denying, anti-Govt goals. It’s more like tyranny of a loud minority,” he wrote. 

Elliott clapped back on Wednesday, referring to Marquez mockingly as a “reporter,” and pointing out that he doubled down in his initial claims. 

“I like how he starts out saying the quote was out of context but by the end of the tweet has vociferously doubled down,” Elliott wrote. 

Marquez’s comments joined other members of the liberal media attacking the protesters. In January, The Washington Post’s liberal political cartoonist Michael de Adder tweeted a cartoon depicting a number of truckers driving with the words “fascism” emblazoned on the side of their trucks, referring to those participating in the protests as supporters of the far-right ideology.  

Days later, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough declared the protesters “a cult,” as his wife, and fellow host, Mika Brzezinski painted them as violent vandals and criminals.  

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