Cleaning: Unblock your toilet in six easy steps with baking soda and more

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Unblocking your toilet is sometimes necessary when cleaning your bathroom, especially if something has become dislodged inside the toilet or in the drain. Luckily, the majority of toilet blockages can be dealt with by using a few household products you are likely to already have in your home.

Bathroom experts at have shared their top tips on how to unblock a toilet – even without a plunger.

Unblocking your toilet should only take a few minutes and it is important for its upkeep and maintenance.

The easiest thing you can do is to pour hot water down the toilet.

Sometimes this can be enough to soften the blockage, dislodge it, and clear the drain.

However, make sure the hot water isn’t completely boiling as this could crack the porcelain.

Boil your kettle before pouring the hot water into the bowl and allow it to sit for three minutes.

Next, flush the toilet and hopefully the blockage should have cleared.

If that doesn’t work, Drench recommended using washing up liquid.

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All you need to do is pour half a mug of washing up liquid into your toilet so it forms a ring around the bowl.

Then, pour the rest of it in the water before leaving it to set for 30 minutes.

Next, take a bucket if hot water and pour it into the toilet.

Leave it for another 10 minutes before flushing your toilet.

Using baking soda and vinegar is another brilliant method to unblock your toilet, according to

To do this, pour half a cup of baking soda into the toilet followed by half a cup of white vinegar.

Then, pour two litres of hot water on top of that for better results.

Leave the mixture to rest for 30 minutes, but make sure you know what level the water is at before leaving.

After 30 minutes, if the water level is back to normal, it means the blockage has cleared and you can flush the toilet.

Baking soda is a very handy product to have around the house and can help you with any cleaning task, not just unblocking a toilet.

The next method is a “slightly unorthodox” way of unblocking your toilet, according to Drench, as it involves using cling film.

Simply add three layers of cling film to the top of your toilet and press it down firmly in order to create a seal.

Then, flush the toilet and the cling film should balloon upwards.

Push down gently on the ballooned cling film, reversing the suction caused by the flush which should dislodge the blockage in a similar way to a plunger.

Two other methods Drench recommended were using a wire coat hanger to dislodge anything in the u-bend, and unblocking the toilet using your hands and a pair of gloves.

Consider using eye protection while trying out the latter method in case of any splashes.

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