Cleaning tips: Mrs Hinch fans share easy hack to defrost your freezer in just 10 minutes

Defrosting a freezer regularly will keep it clean and running efficiently. Homeowners in a Mrs Hinch Facebook cleaning group explained how to get the job done in just 10 minutes.


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When cleaning a property, it is easy to overlook cleaning and defrosting the freezer.

However, it is important to do this when there is roughly a quarter of an inch of ice built up.

How often this happens can vary with some doing defrosting once a year and others needing done more regularly.

Neglecting the task can cause an excessive build up of ice and make it run less effectively.

How to defrost a freezer

While some defrosting techniques can take hours, this does not need to be the case.

Posting on a Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman asked for advice on defrosting her freezer.

She wrote: “I want to defrost my freezer today as it needs cleaned and it’s all layers of ice.

“What do you do with your frozen food when you need to defrost the freezer?”

The homeowner asked for tips on holding her food but Facebook users were quick to explain she does not need to worry about her food defrosting.

Many recommended using a hairdryer to complete the task in as little as 10 minutes.

One Facebook user commented: “Put all the food together in a bag or box.


  • Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans shares how to defrost freezer quickly

“Defrost the freezer with the hairdryer (making sure you don’t put it in the freezer) just hold it at the door for 10 minutes and wipe down.”

“I use a hairdryer on the ice and it takes maybe 15 minutes at most. Put newspaper or towels at bottom for water,” another added.

“I pack my food in sections on the floor just cos it’s so quick using the hairdryer. I would switch the freezer off first.”

A third said: “I put mine in the fridge and do my freezer with a hair dryer for quickness.”

When looking for cleaning tips, many homeowners will turn to cleaning guru Mrs Hinch.

She has built up a fanbase by sharing her simple cleaning hacks on social media.

There are now a number of Facebook groups that have been created dedicated to sharing her tips.

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