Cleaning star Lynsey Crombie shares how to clean blinds – ‘never apply water’

Lynsey Crombie shares tips to clean tough staines

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Cleaning sensation Lynsey Crombie, also known as the Queen of Clean on Instagram, has shared some more of her autumn tips exclusively with Lynsey is known for sharing affordable and more natural cleaning solutions to homeowners’ biggest cleaning questions. She has also authored multiple books about cleaning and tidying and often appears on ITV’s This Morning to share her advice.

At the start of autumn, Lynsey recommends giving our homes a good clean for the start of the season, which includes cleaning our blinds.

The cleaning pro said blinds our should be cleaned “more often” in her opinion but they only really need a “dry dust”.

She explained: “With blinds, you should never apply water or product to them because that’s going to create water marks.

“Use an old sock, put it on your hand and give it a dry dust.

“Try and do it weekly if you can because the dust does build up, especially at this time of year.

“If you’ve got any mould patches, just treat those with white vinegar.

“If you’ve got the blinds with the slats, all you need to do is close it, get your hand with a sock on and just rub over it. It will take you seconds.”

For fabric blinds, Lynsey suggested using a lint roller that’s usually used for items of clothing.

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She said: “Roll over it once a week if you can.

“A vacuum nozzle can sometimes be strong and damage the blind and pull it out of shape.

“A lint roller or an old sock or an old dusting glove or something.”

Fabric blinds can absorb unpleasant smells like cigarettes or strong cooking smells.

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People who live in rented properties are more likely to come across foul-smelling blinds.

Over time, fabric blinds can also become discoloured, especially if they’re a pale colour.

To tackle the problem, you can try and wash them in the bath.

Lynsey suggested: “If they come off, clean them in the bath and just use warm soapy water.

“You just need washing up liquid and warm water.

“Again, add a splash of white vinegar because that will break down smells.

“If the blind doesn’t come off you just need to make a solution up and just stand at the window and do it and it will be time consuming.”

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