Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans share warning about using The Pink Stuff on oven ‘Check first!’

Mrs Hinch shares tips for cleaning tile grout

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Mrs Hinch has inspired millions of people to get cleaning and on one Facebook fan group, a lady shared a photograph of the products she was going to use to clean her oven. While one cleaning tool got a lot of people talking, some raised concerns about using The Pink Stuff on the oven’s glass door and suggested it is best to check The Miracle Cleaning Paste label first and try in a small discreet area. 

Jamie-lee Hillman posted an image of her oven open, with a small lamp placed on the floor alongside to help her see the areas that needed cleaning, a microfibre cloth, a sponge, a pot of The Pink Stuff and a Dr Walt drill with a cleaning attachment on it. 

Sherry Stokes replied: “Someone wrote in here that Pink stuff strips the protective layer off the glass on the cooker.

“Not me- not sure it true but I definitely did read that. Best to check first!” 

Sophia Louise Rome reiterated: “I can second that! Don’t over us the Pink Stuff only on tough areas as it removes the top protective layer which will go rusty after a while of being exposed (learnt from experience).

“I used it on hobs and within a few days they was rusty and completely ruined had to replace them read the back it usually says what to use it for.” 

What is The Pink Stuff? 

In paste form, you apply it to surfaces using a soft cloth or sponge, and after rabbit it over the stained area, it is then rinsed off with cold water. 

To finish the cleaning process, you need to polish the surface with a clean, dry cloth afterwards. 

Stardrops claims it is ideal for removing rust and discolouration from metal surfaces and banishing stubborn marks from hard surfaces. 

But the list of potential uses is endless, from saucepans to barbecues and tiles.

Kirstie Ogilvie said: “Did the same today never have I enjoyed cleaning so much since I found the Pink Stuff but what is this attachment for your screwdriver thing?”

Megan Robb also asked: “They do a brush attachment for the drill! I need this! Where can you get it from?

“Everything will now be cleaned with a drill, if anyone in my house stands still long enough, they better watch out.” 

Jamie-lee replied: “They’re amazing, take all the hard work out of cleaning.” 

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Others offered alternative products to clean the oven with. 

Elizabeth Lowe said: “Oven Mate from Lakeland is brilliant! You paint on the clear odourless gel, then wait until all the grease dissolves into it ( it turns brown then you rinse it off. 

“I am Asthmatic and cannot take the vapour of ordinary oven cleaners.” 

Sue Fair Wolf Bates wondered: : cannot get my glass door that clean, how do you do it??” 

And Samantha Bonser replied: “Have you tried KOH or a dishwasher tablet?” 

When using any new cleaning product – The Pink Stuff or other – it is always best to test the product in a small, discreet area before full use. 

Always read the label and follow the advice of the brand. 

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