Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fan shares

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Mrs Hinch fans often share their own cleaning hacks to their dedicated Facebook pages. Posting to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, one fan shared how she managed to clean up her mattress using a £1 product. A mattress needs to be cleaned more often than people might first think. It is used every night which means it collects dirt very easily.

Popular bed company Dreams explains how a mattress can collect dead skin, sweat, stains as well as dust mites.

The website says: “Therefore it’s important to clean your mattress every now and then to achieve a better night’s sleep and look after your health.

The Mrs Hinch fan posted a before and after photo to the page which showed how she managed to remove every single mark that was originally on the mattress.

She wrote: “I saw a lady cleaned up her mattress with flash with bicarbonate of soda.

“I only have astonish so I thought I would give it a go.

“Sprayed on sweat stain, left for ten mins and wiped down with a dry cloth…I actually used a duster as my microfibre clothes were in the wash.

“Amazing results…Love astonish and the scent to this is lovely too.”

The woman explained how she managed to pick the Astonish Fabric Stain Remover up for just £1 and it is selling in shops including The Range, Wilko, Home Bargains, Savers, Poundland and Dunelm.

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The company behind the stain remover Astonish says: “Our fabric stain remover is a cupboard staple, on hand to swiftly remove stains from fabrics instantly or for treating prior to washing. Top tip, try not to let the stain dry, tackle it as soon as possible to save you time in the long run.”

It removes and loosens stains instantly as well as penetrating deep into fibres to break them down.

Fans were quick to rush to the comments to also express their love for the cleaning product.

One fan wrote: “Tried this on our mattress and looks brand new, love astonish products.”

Another asked: “Does it work on duvets and pillows?”

The cleaning fan explained how it would work on duvets and pillows too but it is essential to make sure they are fully dry before using them again.

Another comment read: “I’ve got this spray, and I can honestly say it’s the best stain remover I have ever used! In its spray capacity it beats vanish, and shops own brands by far.”

Mrs Hinch herself cleans her mattress by using bicarbonate of soda, a sieve, a hoover and essential oils.

After stripping her bed, Mrs Hinch puts the bicarbonate of soda on the mattress using a sieve so it gets evenly distributed across the mattress.

She leaves it to work its magic for one hour before returning and hoovering it all off.

Mrs Hinch also puts a few drops of essential oils onto her mattress to leave a fresh scent in her bedroom.

She explained to fans on Instagram: “For those asking why I use bicarb and what does it do, it’s an odour eliminator so any odours that may be lingering in the mattress it just soaks them up and absorbs them. It works really, really well.”

Bicarbonate of soda acts as a cleaning agent because it is a mild alkali and can cause dirt and grease to dissolve easily in water for effective removal.

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