Cleaning guru Mrs Hinch reveals simple quick way to clean out hoover

Cleaning guru Mrs Hinch is a well known figure on social media who is famous for her quick cheap cleaning hacks that she reveals on her Instagram. Many more people are turning to cleaning their homes as the UK is in its ninth week of lockdown. However there are many places in the home that are not cleaned as regularly as they should be and Mrs Hinch reveals the best way to clean out a hoover.


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Cleaning out a hoover is very important for a number of reasons.

The most common cause of loss of suction is blockages. Loss of suction will mean the hoover won’t be picking up dust in the most important areas of the home.

Blockages can cause the machine to slow down and can overheat quickly.

Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchcliffe took to Instagram to talk to her followers through the process that she uses for her Shark DuoClean hoover.

Which hoover to buy is one of the most asked questions on Mrs Hinch Facebook gan groups, with hundreds and thousands urging others what ones are the best to buy.

Sophie firstly empties the dust cup into the bin.

The pre motor filter comes next, and should be cleaned at least once a month to stop build up.

She wrote: “Remove cover lid and slide off the foam filter.

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“Rinse both with warm water (do not use soap, lukewarm water only). Allow filters to air dry completely before returning them into the vacuum.”

The mum of one explained that she uses a slightly damp cloth to wipe the insides of the filter.

Next she cleaned the brush roll of the hoover which was full of hair and debris, which Mrs Hinch lifted off using the release buttons on either side of the base.

Cleaning this part of the vacuum is important regardless of which brand you own.


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Removing the hair that has become stuck around the brush will enable the hoover to pick up dirt easier.

Using a pair of small scissors, the cleaning guru then cut away any tangled hair that had got stuck around the plastic roller.

Sophie then wrote: “Look at mine OOPS I’ve hardly had the time to hoover let alone clean my hoover, but it’s more fun to clean I guess (silver linings).”

After removing the hair, Mrs Hinch said to wash the soft roller but only using water and it must be completely dry before re-inserting back into the vacuum.

Mrs Hinch then placed the brush cover back on the hoover and checked to see if the vacuum had any visible blockages before gathering a bundle of hair and dust than she had removed from the vacuum.

She added: “I’m so excited right now I feel like I have a brand new hoover hope this helped guys, it helped me.”

Mrs Hinch is known for revealing clever tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning the home.

She recently revealed how she uses her favourite disinfectant to clean out the sink.

Sophie says to clean the plug hole she uses a cup of soda crystals followed by white wine vinegar.

She pours both down the sink hole and after 15 minutes, she pours down a boiling kettle of water to remove any leftover crystals.

Mrs Hinch will then disinfect and clean the sink using her favourite Zoflora scent which leaves the sink sparkling clean and the house smelling fragrant for hours.

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