Cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie shares how to use bicarbonate of soda to clean white grout

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The This Morning cleaning expert and Instagram star Lynsey Crombie has shared how to whiten tile grout using bicarbonate of soda and a toothbrush. Lynsey, who has just published her third book The 15-Minute Clean, often shares her tips and hacks on Instagram with her 232,000 followers. The Queen of Clean shared her go-to bicarbonate of soda hacks exclusively with, including how to use it in laundry.

“In the US and in Australia they call it baking soda, in the UK we obviously call it bicarbonate of soda so it is the same thing but a lot of people do get very confused with this one,” Lynsey explained.

The cleaning expert, who is also an advocate for natural cleaning products, said bicarbonate of soda can also be used as a deodoriser.

She said: “What I love about it is it’s a really good deodoriser.

“So, if you’ve got a smelly fridge, a small dish in your fridge – it can be a really small amount – will just soak up those odours.

“If you’ve got fish or something in there that’s a bit whiffy – that will really help.”

You can also use bicarbonate of soda to whiten your clothes which can save you money on buying pricey laundry products.

She continued: “To use it in your laundry – it’s actually really good at whitening so it acts like a booster.

“Rather than you buying a Vanish booster or an Oxy booster, your bicarbonate of soda, mixed with your normal laundry detergent is going to do exactly the same thing for quarter of the price.

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“That’s one of my favourite uses for it.

“It’s great for things like grout, so you can just use your toothbrush and you can scrub it into off-coloured grout just to bring it back to life and give it that pop.”

There are many myths surrounding whether bicarbonate of soda can’t be used on certain surfaces and materials.

However, Lynsey said because it’s natural there’s not really anything you can’t use it on.

She said: “It’s natural so there’s nothing you can’t really do with it.

“It doesn’t clog because it’s very small and if you made a mistake, it’s just going to disappear so it’s not a massive problem.”

She added: “It’s natural so if you use it incorrectly, it’s not going to cause a problem.”

Lynsey said bicarbonate of soda is in toothpaste too which is why it can help whiten teeth.

The cleaning expert also said this is why toothpaste can be used to clean tile grout and shoe laces.

Lynsey’s new book aims to make cleaning fun and easy by creating a 15-minute method that anyone can use.

The 15-Minute Clean: the Quickest Way to a Sparkling Home by Lynsey Crombie was published on April 1 (Welbeck, £14.99). Available to buy at

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