Cleaning expert explains how to stop Christmas wreaths leaving a mark on your door

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Britons across the country are decking the halls and getting ready for the big day. Tinsel, baubles, fake snow, wreaths and cards are just some of the ways Britons decorate their homes for Christmas. However, decorations can leave sticky marks, peeled paint and holes if you’re not too careful.

Here’s how to avoid your decorations leaving a mark in your home, according to cleaning expert from Homethings, Tim Keaveney.

1. Christmas tree sap

A real Christmas tree is a beautiful feature during the festive period.

However, Christmas trees are known to leave sticky sap on carpets and walls.

If it gets on the carpet, you could be left with a bald patch if you try and scrape it off.

Instead, Mr Keaveney said to use rubbing alcohol, hand sanitiser or ice to try and harden the sap and then chip it off.

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2. Candle wax

Britons love a festive candle with the scent of spice, apples and pine filling their homes.

But a waxy spill on a table or linen could leave a bad mark.

To get off any spilled wax, first scrape away any excess wax.

Then, place kitchen paper underneath and on top of any fabric to soak up the wax.

Using a hairdryer, melt it and then watch it stuck to the kitchen paper.

Mr Keaveney recommends using rubbing alcohol to get rid of any oily residue.

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3. Fake snow

Fake snow may make your home look more festive but it’s notoriously bad for the environment.

Instead of using snow, Mr Keaveney said to use a more eco-friendly option like baking powder.

To get rid of any fake snow you’ve already put down, the cleaning expert said to use a non-toxic cleaning spray with a soft cloth.

4. Wall decorations

The cleaning expert said to avoid using reusable adhesive or tape to hang decorations.

When you peel them off the wall, they will leave your walls looking chipped and unsightly.

Instead, Mr Keveaney recommended using existing fittings around your home instead.

However, for those who have already got sticky stuff on their walls, the cleaning expert said to use baby oil on a sponge to dab away any remaining residue.

5. Wreaths

Wreaths have been surprisingly popular this year with people even making their own.

If you’ve been tempted to nail a wreath to your front door rather than use a hook, there is a way to make sure your door looks as good as new afterwards.

Mr Keveaney said to use a combination of olive oil and sea salt to create a thick paste.

He then said to apply this polish the surface before wiping down with a damp cloth.

The tip works best for unpainted doors, otherwise you will need to re-paint your front door.

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