Cleaner shares how often clothing should be washed for ‘optimum results’

It can be hard to find the balance between not washing clothing often enough and so having dirty clothes, and over-washing and so risking damaging garments or simply wasting water.

Constantly submitting fabrics to soaking, detergent and spinning can wear them out. Instead, hang them up to air, preferably outside of the wardrobe.

Of course, if a garment is particularly stained or sweaty, it should be cleaned immediately, but there are likely some garments that households are washing when they don’t really need to.

Astonish’s cleaning chemist, Olivia Young, has shared how frequently households should wash their clothes “to ensure optimum results”.

How often should tights be washed?

Olivia claimed that washing tights after every wear is considered best practice. She warned: “Dirty tights can put women at risk of UTI’s and yeast infections, so washing them every time you wear them is key.”

The best way to wash tights is by hand as these garments are quite thin and prone to a tear or snag. Start by filling up the sink with lukewarm water and a cup of laundry detergent. Before placing the tights in the water, turn them inside out.

Gently scrub at the areas where the most bacteria are likely to have collected. Once finished, leave the tights to soak in the water for around 10 minutes. 

Rinse them in cold water until there is no soap left anywhere on the tights. Hang the tights up and never put them in the tumble dryer. Once dried, fold the tights and put them away.

How often should jeans be washed?

Jeans can be a tricky one to work out when they need washing as they can still look clean, even after multiple uses. To keep jeans fresh, Olivia instructed that households should aim to wash them every three uses for those who are particularly active in them.

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On the other hand, for those who have a more sedentary lifestyle, the expert said: “I recommend washing them after every three to 10 wears instead. 

“Reducing wash frequency is also an easy way to save money while also helping the environment by using less water, energy and cleaning products.”

People have always been concerned about over-washing denim because it can fade, however, most jeans today are treated and so unlikely to be affected in this way.

For those who are concerned about washing their jeans, wash them inside out, on a short and cold cycle, and use a colour care detergent.

How often should shirts and blouses be washed?

Olivia said: “As for shirts and blouses, I recommend also washing these after every wear to prevent yellow armpit stains and odour lingering. However, make sure you check the label to ensure they are machine safe before doing so.”

Although in the cooler months shirts and blouses can often be washed after every two wears. Shirts and blouses should be washed using the delicate cycle with a detergent that is appropriate to the colour of the garment.

How often to wash pyjamas, camisoles, dresses, skirts, t-shirts and trousers?

With items such as pyjamas, camisoles, dresses, skirts, t-shirts, and dress pants, Olivia instructed that they be washed after every three wears with a gentle, non-bio detergent. 

The expert recommends Astonish’s 2 in 1 Non-Bio Paradise Laundry Liquid as a good example as it has added fabric conditioner that will not only help to “maintain the original shape of the garments” but ensures clothes remain “soft next to your skin and the colours remain bright”.

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