Chris Hayes Explains Why Donald Trump’s America Is ‘Laughingstock’ Around The World

The United States is “a laughingstock or the subject of pity around the world” because of the Trump administration’s disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said Thursday.

“Our cases are skyrocketing. Our government’s response is a failure. We are living in this tragedy, this national humiliation for all to see,” Hayes continued, noting how COVID-19 is again spiking at record levels across the country.

Hayes explained how some of the nations that had been hardest hit by the global health crisis in March and April were now transitioning to some sort of normality after successfully flattening the curve of new infections.

“No other country is struggling with the virus like we are,” he said.

Hayes slammed the Trump administration’s depiction of the virus as “embers.”

“That is not us. No. We are way past the embers stage,” he said. “The country is on fire. It is in flames. We cannot stomp it out. And the rest of the world is looking on in horror.” 

Check out Hayes’ monologue above.


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