Child Benefit warning: Payment can be made into any account except one – check now

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Child Benefit is a sum of money which is offered to Britons who are responsible for bringing up a child. To receive the benefit, the child must either be under the age of 16, or under 20 if they remain in approved education or training. The payment can often help cover some of the essential costs involved with raising a child, and so for some families, the payment provides a great deal of assistance. 

Child Benefit is issued to those who are eligible to receive the sum once every four weeks to provide regular support.

Those claiming the money can expect to receive their payment on either a Monday or Tuesday.

What parents or guardians ultimately receive in Child Benefit is based on who the allowance is for.

This is because the allowance is split into two separate rates by HMRC. 

The eldest or only child within a family is entitled to receive £21.05 per week in Child Benefit.

Any subsequent children will be allocated a lower figure of £13.95.

There is no current limit on how many children can be claimed for, so larger families can also be supported.

It is worth noting, though, that the benefit cap could end up affecting the total amount of benefits a person ultimately receives. 

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Child Benefit can, by and large, be paid into a bank account of an individual’s choice.

However, there is one account which the rules outline will not be able to receive a payment, so those who are entitled to the sum should pay attention.

The government states it is not possible to receive a Child Benefit payment into a Nationwide cash builder account in someone else’s name.

The account has the sort code 070030, as further clarity for those who want to double check.

The money can also only be paid into one account, so Britons will need to think carefully about where they would like it to be deposited. 

And only one parent is able to receive Child Benefit for a child, so two parent families will need to make a decision on who obtains the payment. 

Child Benefit can be claimed through parents and guardians contacting the Child Benefit Office.

This can be done as soon as the birth of a child is registered, or a child comes to live with the parent or guardian concerned.

And amid the COVID-19 crisis, parents can make a claim for Child Benefit, even if they haven’t been able to register their child’s birth.

A new Child Benefit claim can take up to 12 weeks to process, but it can be backdated for up to three months.

Deciding who will claim Child Benefit could be made easier by information surrounding National Insurance.

An individual who claims Child Benefit will receive National Insurance credits towards their state pension if they aren’t working or if they earn less than £166 per week.

Therefore, if one parent is working and the other is not, it may be best advised for the non-employed parent to claim the sum.

Making a claim for the first time can be done through filling out the CH2 Child Benefit claim form and sending it to the Child Benefit Office.

The form is accessible through the government’s website, with the address included. 

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