Chicago alderman warns crime spreading into suburbs: 'Floodgates' opened as criminals go unpunished

Napolitano: Defund police agenda, not punishing criminals is ‘opening the floodgates’

Chicago alderman Anthony Napolitano shares his concerns on the crime surge happening across the U.S.

Alderman Anthony Napolitano stated on “Fox & Friends First,” Friday, that poor city leadership and an anti-cop agenda has led to alarming crime in Chicago and other major U.S. cities. Napolitano said due to council members in the Windy City choosing to “allocate” cash to departments outside of law enforcement and deciding not to punish individuals who commit serious crimes, the situation most likely will continue to deteriorate.  

ANTHONY NAPOLITANO: We’ve been saying this was coming for the last five or six years that I’ve been in office, the rate of attrition, we are not keeping up with it. They’re not actively going out looking for more police officers to take this job. You actually have city council members pushing to defund the police department, take more money away from them, allocate it to other departments. I always say the same term because this is what’s happening. We’re pushing a boulder up the hill right now. And if we don’t get all on the same team and we’re not all working in the same direction, we’re going to lose our city as quick as we can believe it. 

It’s everywhere right now. And I think it’s based on the whole crime and punishment factor. People see right now that the crimes people are committing. There is zero to no punishment. And it’s like opening the floodgates right now. It’s on all four points in the city of Chicago. And that’s going to lead right into our suburbs. It’s already happening. There’s crime being committed all around. I’m a border ward. I’m surrounded by the suburbs and they’re feeling the effects of this as well. 


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