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IF you're looking to free up some storage on your iPhone or Android, it's time to check your apps.

It's possible to instantly clear out some space and make your smartphone feel fresh again.

All you need to do is identify exactly which apps are using up most of your storage.

Which apps use the most storage?

There are five types of apps that can use up huge amounts of storage on iPhone and Android.

First up is an audio app: think music or podcasts.

Often you'll download music for offline listening to queue up podcasts to pre-download.

This can take up mammoth amounts of space if you're not careful.

Similarly, a second storage-hungry app type is visual media – that's TV or movie apps like Netflix and Amazon Video.

Just like audio, you might be downloading content for offline viewing.

Video games are also typically very storage dense, so you need to be careful about having too many on your phone.

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For instance, Genshin Impact can take up anywhere from 10GB to 20GB of storage.

Fourth, look out for chat apps.

Apps like WhatsApp typically download and store all of the media that contacts send to you.

This can quickly take over your phone's storage – leaving you with little to work with.

Finally, be very careful with your photo apps.

Although it's important to have photos, having too many images (or duplicates) and large high-quality videos can wipe out your phone storage.

It's generally not ideal to delete all of these apps from your phone – although some unused games may be worth scrubbing.

Instead, consider deleting some of the content that the apps hold.

How to find apps using up your storage

The best way to find the top apps using up your iPhone or Android storage is by going into your device settings.

Both iOS and Android let you quickly see which apps take up the most storage.

Then you can decide whether to delete the worst offenders – or clear out their contents.

On your Apple iPhone, simply go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and check the list at the bottom.

Alternatively, Android users can go to the Google Play Store, tap your profile then choose Manage Apps & Device.

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From there, order apps by size and check out the list to see which apps are using up the most storage.

Then you'll be able to delete offending apps that you don't really need.

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