Can YOU hear a sound even though this viral video is SILENT?

A TIKTOKER has stunned users revealing a video you can hear even though it's SILENT.

The clip shows two cartoon elephants jumping on a seesaw.

Although there is no sound, some people believe they can hear it each time the elephant crashes down.

"There's no sound on this video at all and yet some people say they can hear the moment that the elephant lands on the seesaw, with either a thudding sound or a twang," TikToker Dean Jackson said.

"Do you think you can hear it?

"I'd love to know how rare or common this phenomenon is."

Users were blown away in the comments.

"It's not that I can hear it but in my head it's like a thud vibration going off as they land," one said.

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"I can't hear it, but I feel it like a shockwave when they drop down," another chimed.

"I don't know how but I hear it," a third shocked user said.

The reason people think they can hear it is because our brain associates the objects in the image with their large scale.

So when you see something huge fall like this, the muscles in your ear pre-emptively tense a bit to protect from the loud sound it expects to follow.

And as a result, you hear the muscles shudder.

There was a similar video involving a skipping pylon which had a similar affect on people a few years back.

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