Can ambulances park on double yellow lines and are emergency vehicles allowed to stop anywhere?

VEHICLES cannot park on double yellow lines, but are there any exceptions?

Here's what we know.

Can ambulances park on double yellow lines?

According to the law – set out in the Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions 2002 – emergency vehicles may park on double yellow lines or other restricted parking road markings. 

Ambulance drivers are told they should always consider the safest place to park, however in the video the medic explains that her ambulance would not fit in the bay.

The law advises that drivers try and leave the area as soon as possible, however the parking attendant would not even allow them to pop in for a bottle of water on one of the hottest days of the year.

An ambulance may also exceed the speed limit if it safe to do so, however they are generally advised to go no quicker than 20mph above the speed limit of a road.

An astonishing clip from 2018 showed a parking attendant ticketing an ambulance because paramedics stopped in the scorching heat to get a bottle of water.

The emergency vehicle was parked on double yellow lines outside a Tesco Express store in Northwich, Cheshire.

Are emergency vehicles allowed to stop anywhere?

Pretty much anywhere but they have to be on call or responding to an incident.

They can park on the pavement, white lines or the ultimate parking no-go, the double red lines.

They can even park in a driveway of a private home or a space outside.  

But if it is possible they must only park safely and not obstruct traffic – lest they cause an another emergency situation. 

Who else can park on double yellow lines?

The police or the fire brigade are also allowed to park on double yellow lines if they are on duty.

Postal delivery vans can also park temporarily.

Gas, electrical or road engineers can as well if they have to carry out emergency or essential work.

And anyone with a good enough reason can ask the police for a pass.

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