Buck Moon tomorrow is BIGGEST Supermoon of the year – best time to look | The Sun

BRACE yourselves, Moon fans – there's an astronomical event this week that will be…out of this world.

July 13 marks the Buck Moon full moon, which happens to be the biggest superman of the year.

When is the next full moon?

A full moon appears fully illuminated from earth during a specific lunar phase.

This happens once every 29.5 days, meaning there are at least 12 full moons every year – though sometimes there can be 13. 

Each is defined by its own unique name and when it appears.

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For 2022, this is: 

  • January 17 – Wolf Moon
  • February 16 – Snow Moon 
  • March 18 – Worm Moon 
  • April 16 – Pink Moon
  • May 16 – Flower Moon 
  • June 14 – Strawberry Moon 
  • July 13 – Buck Moon 
  • August 11 – Sturgeon Moon
  • September 10 – Harvest Moon
  • October 9 – Hunter's Moon 
  • November 8 – Beaver Moon 
  • December 7 – Cold Moon

There is no Blue Moon in 2022 as no month has two full moons in 2022.

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What is a supermoon?

A supermoon is an impressive sight where the startlingly bright moon looks so close you could almost touch it. 

It is a combination of two different astronomical effects and happens when a new or full moon coincides with a perigee – the moon's closet point to Earth in its monthly orbit. 

A moon has to come within 90 per cent of its closest approach to Earth to be formally defined as a super moon. 

This is relatively rare, occurring just a few times a year.

In 2022, there will be a supermoon on June 14 and on July 13.

On these days, the moon will appear up to 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter.

When is the best time to see the Buck Moon Supermoon?

The best time to see the July 2022 superman depends where you are in the world.

Its closest approach is 9.04am UTC on July 13, which would be 10.04am in the UK.

And in New York, you're looking at 5.04am.

But the full Moon is actually occurring at its peak around 9-10 hours later.

So Brits will have a good shot at seeing the Moon in the east at around 7.38pm.

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New Yorkers should look to the skies on Wednesday morning, Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

In any case, the Moon will look very large today and tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it – even if you can't look at the perfect time.

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