BS6 Innova Crysta: a high quality, dependable package

With its extra torque, the 2.4 diesel-auto pulls forward smartly on open roads

Launched in 2005, the Innova has cemented itself as the king of MPV segment over the years. In 2016, Toyota upped the ante with the Innova Crysta. The car not only featured new, more powerful diesel engines, but it also came with a 6-speed automatic gearbox with the diesel variant.

Now with the move to BS6, Toyota has rationalised the Innova Crysta’s line-up. The 2.8-litre diesel engine option has been discontinued, although the automatic gearbox continues soldiers on and is paired with the less powerful 2.4 diesel mill. So how does it compare with the discontinued 2.8 diesel auto?

To start with, a look at the specifications reveals that the 2.4-litre diesel, when paired with the manual gearbox, continues to make an identical 150hp and 343Nm of torque as the BS4 model. However, with the automatic gearbox, Toyota has upped the torque to 360Nm — identical to that of the larger 2.8-litre engine — although power is still down by 24hp. Start the engine, and it feels a bit more refined at low revs. There is also a healthy amount of grunt at low and medium engine speeds. It doesn’t quite leap forward instantly like the old 2.8, but is still quick to respond. The 6-speed automatic is quick to shift gears and responds fairly well to a kickdown.


  • Engine 2393cc, 4-cyl, turbo-diesel
  • Max Power 150hp at 3400rpm
  • Max Torque 360Nm at 1400-2600rpm
  • Gearbox 6-speed torque-converter automatic
  • Length (mm) 4735mm
  • Width (mm) 1830mm
  • Height (mm) 1795mm
  • Wheelbase (mm) 2750mm
  • Weight (kg) 1870-1920kg

With its extra torque, the 2.4 diesel-auto also pulls forward smartly on open roads. It has a good reserve of performance, especially when you want to overtake at higher speeds. On highways, the Innova doesn’t feel out of breath either. However, it doesn’t quite push you back into your seat like the 2.8 did; the top-end performance is not the same either.

A quick sprint test on a wet road revealed a 0-100kph time of 13.23sec for the BS6 model, compared to the older model’s 11.46sec. Similarly, with in-gear acceleration too, the old 2.8 remains the faster of the two. The 6-speed auto gearbox has an ‘S’ mode, which holds on to gears longer, adding to the driving experience on a faster road. Tapping the lever up or down from here activates a sequential manual mode. Once this is done, the gearbox won’t shift up automatically at the redline.

The Innova Crysta also gets emission control devices like a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) unit and a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The DPF can get clogged if the engine is only run at low revs, so the Crysta comes with a button that helps clean or ‘regenerate’ it.

Apart from the updated engine and gearbox, the new BS6 Innova Crysta doesn’t really have any cosmetic updates. The exterior is exactly the same as before; inside, we get the same plush seats that come with two colour options on the higher variants. The touchscreen infotainment system still lacks features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In a car that costs nearly ₹30 lakh on road, this is a big miss.

As before, a customer can choose between a 7-seat or an 8-seat layout; the former is equipped with comfortable captain’s chairs. The ride quality on higher-spec models with 17-inch wheels is on the bumpy side. Also, the steering has a bit of kickback, especially through potholes.

On the whole, however, the BS6 Innova 2.4-litre diesel mated to the 6-speed automatic gearbox is a high quality, dependable package with an overall practicality that is hard to beat. It is a bit expensive at ₹23.63 lakh (ex-showroom) for the top-spec version, but it also enjoys an enviable reputation for its mechanical robustness and reliability that very few cars can match.

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