Britons could be eligible for 50% or 100% TV licence discount

Many Britons could be eligible for a discount on their TV licence which could help save them some cash.

As the cost of living crisis continues, many people will be looking for ways to cut costs.

Some may find they can get a discount on their bill, or that they no longer need one.

People do not need a TV licence if they only stream on-demand shows across services such as Netflix, Prime and Disney+.

A TV licence is needed to watch live content that is on streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime.

If Britons do not watch live content, they may not need a TV licence at all and can save £159, although they do need it to watch BBC iPlayer.

The Office of Budget Responsibility forecasts that the licence fee will rise from £159 a year to £172 by 2024 , the biggest increase in more than 20 years.‌

The price of a TV licence in the UK is £159 for a colour licence and £53.50 for a black and white licence, however, certain groups can get their bill paid in full.

Some pensioners can get a free TV licence if they are over 75 and in receipt of Pension Credit.

If someone’s partner who lives at the same address is also 75 or over and claiming Pension Credit, everyone in the household is eligible.

Pension Credit can act as a gateway benefit to many other benefits.

Low-income Britons are urged to claim all the freebies and discounts they are entitled to.

By claiming Pension Credit, individuals can also get other help, such as:

  • Housing Benefit if they rent the property you live in
  • Cost of Living Payments
  • Support for Mortgage Interest if they own the property they live in
  • A Council Tax discount
  • A free TV licence if they’re aged 75 or over
  • Help with NHS dental treatment, glasses and transport costs for hospital appointments, if they get a certain type of Pension Credit
  • Help with their heating costs through the Warm Home Discount Scheme
  • A discount on the Royal Mail redirection service if they’re moving house

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For more information on Pension Credit, people can visit the Government website.

Additionally, Britons who are legally blind, or live with someone who is, will be able to apply for a 50 percent discount on their bill.

Eligible applicants will need to prove to the TV Licensing body that they are blind by showing either a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) or a BD8 Certificate.

Other evidence can include a letter from an Ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) confirming someone’s blindness or a certificate from the Local Authority would also count as proof to the assessor.

If eligible, a television licence for a blind person would cost £79.50 for colour and £26.75 for a black and white TV licence.

There are other concessions available for those staying in residential accommodations and care homes.

An accommodation for residential care (ARC) concessionary television licence comes to £7.50 per room, flat or bungalow.

For more information, people can visit the TV Licensing website.

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