‘Brilliant!’ Mrs Hinch fans share best tips to leave kitchen hob streak free

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Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame on social media. Her clever cleaning hacks have attracted more than four million followers on her Instagram page.

Inspired by her methods, cleaning fans have established their own group on social media dedicated to helping others maintain a clean home.

Group member Ceri sought advice on the most effective technique for cleaning a glass hob.

She posted: “Most things I use make it look really streaky and it picks up dust so easily.”

Rebecca commented: “We use glass cleaner after we’ve got any marks off, mainly using Hob Brite, but always gathering dust.”

Bonnie said: “I use dishwasher rinse aid on a cloth, then buff.”

Pammie posted: “I have similar. I’ve tried everything, then bought HG Glass and Window spray cleaner.

“Spray and leave for 10 minutes. Wipe clean. Brilliant stuff and on windows too,” she added.

Sarah suggested: “Spray with your normal kitchen spray and use kitchen roll to wipe it off.”

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Sharon advised using Hob Brite to remove the streak marks.

While Dee recommended using baby oil.

Katie suggested using Flash bicarbonate soda spray. 

She added: “Wipe with damp cloth. Buff dry with microfibre cloth (I have a huge one I bought that’s meant for buffing cars) perfect combo.”

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“I have exactly the same one, I find it very easy to clean – just kitchen spray and microfibre cloth,” explained Christine.

“My pan stands on top, have stayed black. I’ve had it a year,” she added.

Janis advised: “Hob Brite or Astonish hob cleaner. Either of these and buff with a lint free cloth.”

Kerry recommended using Pink Stuff.

Stardrops The Pink Stuff can be bought from Sainsbury’s for £1.

While Suze suggested using Worktop Wonder spray from Lakeland. 

“I’ve had mine three years and it still looks like new,” she said. 

“Check your instruction book – mine says to wipe over with a damp cloth whilst still warm.”

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