Brian Stelter's newscaster wife accused of workplace bullying: 'People would avoid her'

Media top headlines June 23

The New York Times editing a headline about NFL player Carl Nassib coming out as gay, The Washington Post issuing ‘clarifications’ on story about Critical Race Theory opponent Chris Rufo, and the media getting slammed for using Dems’ talking points after Senate voting bill vote round out today’s top media headlines

CNN’s Brian Stelter has built a career off anonymously sourced reports on behind-the-scenes media drama and his style of palace intrigue reporting is now happening to his own family, as his newscaster wife has been accused of workplace bullying by unnamed colleagues. 

Stelter is married to NY1 traffic reporter and anchor Jamie Stelter, and her station has been plagued by a variety of issues, such as a lawsuit filed by five female anchors for age and gender discrimination that was settled last year.

Anonymous colleagues told Caitlin Moscatello of New York Magazine that Stelter is part of the problem in a piece headlined, “Inside the Petty, Vindictive, Career-Ruining Infighting at NY1” that was published on Monday.  

CNN’s Brian Stelter is married to NY1 traffic reporter and anchor Jamie Stelter.  (Photo by Roy Rochlin/WireImage)

“It appears Brian isn’t the only bully in the Stelter family,’ TV news blogger Scott Jones wrote after reading the piece. 

“Colleagues say she and [business anchor Annika] Pergament began to behave like ‘high-school bullies,’ openly gossiping about co-workers — sometimes with their mics still on,” Moscatello wrote after speaking with 51 former and current NY1 staffers. 

The lengthy, inside look at NY1 uses mostly anonymous sources to paint the local network as a terrible place to work with anchor Pat Kiernan at the center of the majority of its issues. Stelter and Pergament are Kiernan’s co-anchors and the “trio are represented by the same agent and are friends off-camera,” according to Moscatello. 

Kiernan recently joined the Stelters and CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin at a New York City party, according to TVNewser. 

“Kiernan even helped set up Stelter with her husband, CNN host Brian Stelter. It’s a story she tells so often it’s included in her bio on the NY1 website,” Moscatello wrote, adding that a colleague claimed Kiernan was the “deciding factor” on decisions regarding the morning show he co-anchors with his pal Stelter. 

“A lot of people don’t like working with Jamie,” an anonymous staffer told Moscatello while another claimed Stelter would openly complain about everything from how stylists did her hair to what staffers wore. 

“People would avoid her,” a third anonymous source told Moscatello.

CNN’s Brian Stelter has built a career off anonymously sourced reports on behind-the-scenes media drama. (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for CNN)

Stelter was also accused of making “snide comments” about then–fellow traffic reporter Alyse Zwick and allegedly having “ostracized” a Black female colleague. 

“Particularly disturbing to colleagues was the way Stelter and Pergament treated former weather anchor Stacy Ann Gooden, who was hired in 2017. Ten current and former employees say Gooden was ostracized by the three co-anchors. Insiders say Gooden was often excluded from meetings, and Stelter and Pergament would talk disparagingly about her on set,” Moscatello wrote. 

Former NY1 producer John Friia, one of the few on-the-record sources in the piece, said Gooden was often left out of on-air discussion and when she was allowed to speak it was typically “very short, abrupt.” 

“It got to the point where Stacy-Ann couldn’t take it anymore because they were just outwardly rude,” another anonymous former colleague told the magazine. 

Gooden reportedly quit when complaining to HR didn’t result in any changes.

NY1 did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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