Biden's US attorney Rachael Rollins 'most unhinged' person possible for the job: Horace Cooper

Senate-confirmed Biden US attorney pick ‘most unhinged’ person possible for the job: Horace Cooper

Co-chairman of Project 21 reacts to narrow Senate confirmation of Rachael Rollins ​for U.S. attorney in Massachusetts and says President Joe Biden has poor taste in choosing staff on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

Project 21 co-chair Horace Cooper slammed President Joe Biden’s choice for U.S. attorney for Massachusetts as Biden’s poor decision-making on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“How is it that we managed to pick one of the most unhinged persons that we could find for this particular position?” Cooper asked, referring. 

Rachael Rollins, who worked as a district attorney in Suffolk County, MA, was confirmed by the Senate Wednesday by a narrow margin despite being been met with blowback for her progressive approach to criminal justice. 

Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins speaks at a press conference on criminal justice reforms, December 8, 2021. (Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images)
(Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images)

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell accused her of being “soft on crime” and urged “all senators to vote no” on the district attorney.” Law-abiding Americans don’t want prosecutors who refuse to prosecute. They don’t want city jails equipped with revolving doors and they need leaders who will defend the rule of law.”

For example, in 2018 Rollins told Tucker Carlson, “I believe we have too many people in jail who are not violent. And we can disagree with what violence is, and I respect that and understand it. But I believe that we are spending too much time on petty crimes that are clogging up our system and costing us more money … They’re more social problems than they are crimes.”

Cooper slammed Rollins’ideology and said, “Our framers understood that you were supposed to hold criminal behavior accountable – her vision is the exact opposite of that … That isn’t civilization [and] that’s not progress.”

A prisoner behind the jail cell bars .

Cooper went on to blast Biden for poor choices in nominations and staff.

“He picks Kamala Harris – incompetent. He picks this person unfit, unsuited for this position. What is going on? And we should be paying attention because it’s pretty serious,” Cooper said.

Vice President Kamala Harris, Nov. 16, 2021. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Harris currently sits at 28 percent approval, which is 10 points less than Biden. Her office is currently embroiled in an exodus of high-level staff, including most recently Symone Sanders, the veep’s chief spokesperson and senior adviser, who is slated to depart at the end of the year. 

A Washington Post report described Harris as a “bully” and the working environment as “soul-destroying.” The vice president also reportedly scolds her staffers for her being unprepared despite her own failure to read the briefings. 

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