Biden's border crisis filtering 'into every community' and policies must be stopped: Florida sheriff

Florida sheriff on Biden’s border plan: We ‘need to accept this is a crisis’

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey tells ‘Fox and Friends’ President Biden’s border crisis heavily impacts the U.S. economy and communities.

The border crisis needs to be “stopped” as the migrant surge increase affects residents, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey told “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, blasting President Biden’s policies for heavily impacting the U.S. economy and communities.

IVEY: “The first thing is everybody needs to accept that this is a crisis. Quite frankly, if it’s not a crisis, why did we send FEMA? Because we only send them out to disasters. So, this is a crisis and it has the ability to filter into every community.

In fact, it does filter into every community. It’s impacting us with detainers being taken off of violent criminals. It’s impacting us with our abilities to fight Covid-19. It’s impacting us with massive shipments of drugs coming into our country, human trafficking of children. The list goes on and on. So, it’s impacting everybody in this country.


“So it’s impacting us financially and our economy. It’s draining all the resources from Customs and Border Patrol. And, to me, the biggest issue is the amount of illegal drugs that are coming across as a part of this.

And, you know, when you look at fentanyl; we seized enough fentanyl in our community that if it was put in a lethal dose, it would have killed all 600,000 citizens in our county. So, you know, it is a crisis and we need to stop it. I’m very proud of our attorney general, Ashleigh Moody. She’s taking us to task, has filed a lawsuit against the others. I’m glad to see others have joined right now.”


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